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Jump Ship


  • 1. Wishing Our Lives Away
  • 2. Good For Me
  • 3. Bumble Bees *radio edit available*
  • 4. Still The Enemy
  • 5. Breathe It In
  • 6. What We Sow
  • 7. Home Soon
  • 8. Sweetness
  • 9. This Too Shall Pass
  • Jump Ship - group
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Nr kat.: NAIM107
Label  : NAIM Records

Synthetic complexity is aligned with the acoustic nuances of cello and guitar to support an ecliptic, dark and disarming feminine vocal charm. Jump Ship's unique sound juxtaposes the melody and rich acoustic of Folk, with angular and complex electronic and theoretical precision that is brought back down to earth by a bubble gum vocal. The bands debut is a journey through many musical elements including gentle acoustics, trip hop beats, beautiful ethereal vocals, uplifting strings and progressive and unique arrangements. From the infectious harmonies of lead single ‘Bumble Bees' to the strings and beats of ‘What We Sow', from the strength of album opener ‘Wishing Our Lives Away' to the poignant and melodic "Still The Enemy", from picked acoustic and handclapped rhythms of ‘Good For Me' to the Tool go acoustic popping riffs of ‘Sweetness', Jump Ship inject both style and substance into their melting pot of creativity without ever forgetting the value of a tune. Jump Ship cite influences as divergent as Lamb, Tool, Bjork, DJ Shadow, Tori Amos and EDM. >


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