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Julian Wagstaff

Breathe Freely - A Chamber Opera in Two Short Acts

Philip Gault - Julian Wagstaff: Breathe Freely - A Chamber Opera in Two Short Acts 01. Act I: Hello? Ritchie? Doctor Ritchie, are you there? (3:22) 02. Act I: Kendall, how do you do? (1:03) 03. Act I: You know, I am certain, how my mother country suffers (1:31) 04. Act I: In Scotland there is hope (2:32) 05. Act I: Cometh the woman (2:22) 06. Act I: Der kleine Hund (2:53) 07. Act I: This analysis is exmplary (5:45) 08. Act II: the evening light (5:01) 09. Act II: To live is to regret (2:53) 10. Act II: Doctor Hempel, what progress? (2:29) 11. Act II: Breathe Freely (4:52) 12. A Persistent Illusion, for clarinet, cello & piano - I. (5:43) 13. A Persistent Illusion, for clarinet, cello & piano - II. (4:48) 14. A Persistent Illusion, for clarinet, cello & piano - III. (8:46)
  • Julian Wagstaff
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Nr kat.: CKD535
Label  : Linn Records

Breathe Freely is a new opera by contemporary Scottish composer Julian Wagstaff. Written for three singers and piano trio, it is a chamber opera in two acts set in 1943 against the backdrop of the Second World War. At its heart Julian Wagstaff's opera is a manifold celebration of human endeavour, history, interest, compassion, and, of course, chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. It recounts the semi-fictional story of several real and extraordinary chemists who helped to make the Chemistry department the extraordinary institution it is today: Romantic pragmatist Stanislaw Hempel, endearing perfectionist Chrissie Miller and Professor James Kendall FRS, whose book is the basis for the synopsis. Breathe Freely was premiered in 2013 to celebrate the tricentenary of the appointment of the first Chair of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Also included on the recording is Wagstaff's piano trio A Persistent Illusion commissioned to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry, 2011. The title refers to Einstein's observation that the distinction between the past, present and future is merely a ?stubbornly persistent illusion'. Musicians: Dr Christina (?Chrissie?) Miller - Laura Margaret Smith mezzo-soprano Lieut. Dr Stanislaw Hempel - Paul Curievici tenor Prof. James Kendall - Phil Gault baritone Pete Furniss clarinet Mark Bailey cello Andrew Johnston piano Derek Clark conductor