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JONES, New London Orchestra, Ronald Corp

The Geisha

  • A story of a tea house
  • A Japanese Musical Play by Sidney Jones
  • Libretto by Owen Hall, Lyrics by Harry Greenbank
  • ACT 1
  • Opening Chorus 'Happy Japan' [3'08]
  • Entrance of Officers 'Here they come' [2'02]
  • Song 'The dear little Jappy-Jap-Jappy' [3'13]
  • Song 'The Amorous Goldfish' [4'22]
  • Duet 'The Kissing' [3'43]
  • Concerted Piecle 'If you will come to tea' [2'11]
  • Chorus 'Lamentation' [2'35]
  • Concerted Piece 'We're going to call on the Marquis' [1'45]
  • Duet 'The Toy' [3'46]
  • Song 'A Geisha's Life' [3'25]
  • Song 'Jack's the Boy' [3'08]
  • Song 'Chon Kina' [4'45]
  • Finale 'Though of staying too long' [6'48]
  • ACT II
  • Chorus 'Day born of love' [2'53]
  • Song 'The Toy Monkey' [2'35]
  • Duet 'Ching-a-ring-a-ree' [2'05]
  • Quartette 'Jolly young Jacks are we' [1'56]
  • Song 'The Jewel of Asia' [3'15]
  • Song 'Star of my Soul' [3'50]
  • Quartette 'What will the Marquis do?' [1'46]
  • Japanese March [0'54]
  • Entrance of Geishas 'With splendour auspicious' [2'35]
  • Song 'Chin Chin Chinaman' [2'28]
  • Song 'The Interfering Parrot' [6'45]
  • Finale 'Before our eyes' [0'58]
  • New London Orchestra - orchestra
  • Ronald Corp - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDH55245
Label  : Hyperion

GRAMOPHONE CRITICS' CHOICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'The recording that has given me the most joy during the year. A work I have waited fully 40 years to find on LP or CD' (Gramophone) 'This is an enterprising 'first'. I long to hear more of them and if this CD has the success it deserves, let us hope it may be the beginning of a series' (Gramophone) 'Its tunes are charming and its orchestral colour delightful. It's a hugely entertaining discovery' (Classic FM Magazine) 'I practically jumped for joy' (Hi Fi News) 'Altogether a treat' (International Opera Collector) 'If you enjoy English operettas of the late 19th century I suspect that you'll be enchanted' (Light Music Society Journal)


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