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Jonathan Butler


Jonathan Butler - Free 01. You Are the One (4:31) 02. Never Find a Better Love (5:11) 03. Where Would I Be Without You (5:17) 04. Moving On (6:46) 05. I Am That I Am (5:13) 06. Free (4:36) 07. He Is God (6:28) 08. Be Encouraged (5:05) 09. Sing Africa (3:52) 10. Show Me the Way (4:57) 11. New Day (4:06)
  • Jonathan Butler - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Jonathan Butler has spent a lifetime writing and recording music that uplifts and encourages others, but as he penned songs for his latest album, Free he had no idea God would use his own work to minister to him in a powerful and unexpected way.