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John Moulder, Ken Hall

Spirit Talk

  • 1. Autumn Leaves 5:15
  • 2. Falling Grace 3:47
  • 3. La Fiesta 7:19
  • 4. Homeless 1:49
  • 5. Memories of Tomorrow 4:31
  • 6. Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers 6:07
  • 7. Spirit Talk 4:43
  • 8. Connie's Song 2.28
  • 9. Stella by Starlight 2:05
  • 10. Pink Mountains 3:50
  • 11. Peau Douces 4:47
  • 12. Spain 4:14
  • John Moulder - guitar
  • Ken Hall - vibraphone
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Nr kat.: Naim071
Label  : NAIM Records


Spirit Talk is the debut album by John Moulder and Ken Hall.. Featuring a tantalising match of guitar and vibraphones, this album is the perfect vehicle to express the spirit of John and Ken's musical dialogue. Spirit Talk portrays a world of beauty and enchantment in which the magical partnership of the two instruments suits the music perfectly. The guitar and vibes weave together, creating an intriguing and uplifting album. John and Ken's partnership has developed over the course of many years, and the tracks on the album are the core repertoire of this talented duo's ongoing collaboration. Compositions by Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea are featured, as well as work by both John and Ken. John is a guitarist from Chicago who plays with his own group at many of the city's favourite jazz clubs. His unique guitar style combines an alluring lyricism with harmonic and rhythmic ingenuity, and has evolved from the assimilation of a variety of musical traditions. Ken fell in love with the vibraphones at the age of seventeen and decided to devote himself to them. The legendary vibraphonist Gary Burton showed him how to play vibes with four mallets, and introduced him to the technique that his diverse musical expression is founded on. In order to capture an intimate sound, the project was recorded live, with no editing, in the warm acoustical space of St Gregory the Great Church, Chicago. Ken Christianson's distinctive method of recording with a Nagra two-track tape recorder and a pair of stereo microphones was able to convey the immediacy that characterizes many of their live performances.


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