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Joao Paulo


  • 1. Fátima 9:50
  • 2. Aldeia 8:09
  • 3. Passos 6:30
  • 4. Sombra 5:08
  • 5. Valsa 7:05
  • 6. Arrabida 8:41
  • 7. Dança 6:35
  • Joao Paulo - piano
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Nr kat.: M049A
Label  : MaRecordings

Most people don't know that there is a "movement" in Portugal, small as it may be, in modern improvised and creatively composed music. Pianist Jo?o Paulo Esteves Da Silva has been one of the main forces in this movement, along with fellow pianist Mario Laginha, jazz singer Maria Jo?o, bassist Carlos Bica and guitarra portuguesa ("portuguese guitar") player Ricardo Rocha. And, once aware of what has been going on in Portugal, you will certainly be most pleasantly surprised.... In the fall of 1995, MA received an unsolicited CD from Portugal. It was the first time for us to get something from outside the United States and the fact that it wasn't from the US was especially intruiging. The record, Joao Paulo's "Serra sem fim" on the Portuguese Farol label was sent to only one other address, ECM in Germany. ECM never answered. Ever since Jo?o Paulo sent me "Serra sem fim", I have be treated to an unbelievable hidden wealth of Portuguese musical culture. I was so enthusiastic that literally, within minutes of first listening, I was on the phone, talking to Joao Paulo in Lisbon, discussing our first project together, and in January 1996, I visited Lisbon where we searched for spaces to record his projects . It was also during that trip that I met Ricardo Rocha with whom Joao Paulo collaborated on the first Portuguese recording released on MA, "Sample" (M039A) This album, includes numerous traditional Fado songs, arranged for the first time in the Baroque style (Joao Paulo plays harpsichord exclusively on this record), stunningly sung by the young and beautiful Maria Ana Bobone. "Sample" was nominated for the 1997 Portuguese Globus Oro music award. We have since followed this up in 1999 with "Senhora Da Lapa" M046A, Maria Ana`s first album as a solo artist and on which Jo?o Paulo plays the same incredible Hamburg Steinway that is featured on "Almas". "Almas" is Joao Paulo's 2nd drummerless trio record for MA and was recorded in August, 1998, three months after his first album "O Exilio" (M045A), in the Cathedral inside the Anglican cemetary gardens of Lisbon. Both albums are remarkable and creative musical statements and I am proud to be able to present this music to a broader audience than that of Portugal alone. Some people may require more than one listening to appreciate the depth and beauty of "Almas" and "O Exilio", but I truely hope that the listener feels as I do, that this music is REALLY special for it reveals Joao Paulo`s deep adoration for the roots of his unique Portuguese folk heritage through his involvement in jazz and classical music. This is truly modern Portuguese Art Music and like all art, it is often quite difficult to describe verbally. However, let me try by stating that listening to Joao Paulo`s music is like listening to Port Wine....! Thanks for looking, listening AND tasting! (Todd Garfinkle, MA Recordgins)