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Jennifer Warnes

The Hunter

The Hunter image
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  • Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter
  • 01. Rock You Gently (4:24)
  • 02. Somewhere, Somebody (2:48)
  • 03. Big Noise, New York (5:02)
  • 04. True Emotion (4:05)
  • 05. Pretending To Care (4:43)
  • 06. The Whole Of The Moon (5:01)
  • 07. Lights Of Lousianne (4:24)
  • 08. Way Down Deep (5:45)
  • 09. The Hunter (4:53)
  • 10. I Can't Hide (4:53)
  • Jennifer Warnes - vocal
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299.00 PLN

LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: IMP6046
Label  : Impex (USA)
Nośnik w tej chwili niedostępny.


Nr kat.: IMP8303
Label  : Cisco Music USA


TAS Recommended! Rated a 'Best Audiophile Label Recording' in the November 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound! The Hunter was released 5 years after her breakthrough with 'Famous Blue Raincoat'. It is a varied affair with several songs given by Todd Rundgren, Donald Fagen and mentor Leonard Cohen (who puts in another guest appearance) as well as self penned material. It's the voice that matters, and hers is crystalline. Mastered by Bernie Grundman from Jennifer’s own 16/48 DAT master and produced by Elliot Scheiner, The Hunter, like Famous Blue Raincoat, enjoys masterful recording technique. Comes packaged in a deluxe book-style casing.


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