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Jeff Beck


Jeff Beck - Truth 01. Shapes of Things (3:20) 02. Let Me Love You (4:44) 03. Morning Dew (4:43) 04. You Shook Me (2:32) 05. Ol' Man River (4:00) 06. Greensleeves (1:50) 07. Rock My Plimsoul (4:15) 08. Beck's Bolero (2:55) 09. Blues De Luxe (7:34) 10. I Ain't Superstitious (4:53)
  • Jeff Beck - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Featuring Rod Stewart, Jimmy Page, Ron Wood & Keith Moon! Jeff Beck's debut solo LP was bound to be a great record with a band featuring talent like Rod Stewart on vocals, Ronnie Wood on guitar, plus contributions from Jimmy Page, Nicky Hopkins, Aynsley Dunbar and Keith Moon. The 1968 album got off to a staggering start and peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. Astoundingly good for a band that had been utterly unknown in the U.S. just six months earlier. Truth was critically acclaimed for its daring, radical nature, elements of which would be appropriated by practically every metal band that followed. The recording is certainly regarded as a seminal work of heavy metal because of its use of blues toward a hard rock approach. The combination of the wailing, heart-stoppingly dramatic vocalizing by Stewart, the thunderous rhythm section of Ron Wood's bas, Mickey Waller's drums and Beck's blistering guitar, which sounds like his amp is turned up to 13 and ready to short out, was as groundbreaking and influential a record as the first Beatles, Rolling Stones or Who albums. There are lots of truly awesome unexpected moments on this recording, such as Beck's speaker-to-speaker guitar slides. It was a triumph of great tunes that are masterfully performed.


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