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Janis Ian

Breaking Silence

Side 1: 1. All Roads To the River 2. Ride Me Like A Wave 3. Tattoo 4. What About Love 5. His Hands Side 2: 1. Walking On Sacred Ground 2. This Train Still Runs 3. Through the Years 4. This House 5. Some People's Lives 6. Breaking Silence
  • Janis Ian - vocal
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: APP027
Label  : Acoustic Sounds
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SACD Hybr:

Nr kat.: CAPP027SA
Label  : Acoustic Sounds
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2 LP-180G 45rpm:

Nr kat.: APP027-45
Label  : Acoustic Sounds

Ten głos... Nie daje się zapomnieć.

Nagranie o szczególnych walorach audiofilskich. ****** Musicians: Jim Brock, drums, percussion Janis Ian, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals Chad Watson, bass, slide bass Dan Huff, electric guitar Jim Hoke, solo harmonics This album finds Janis' voice in its purest, most vital form ever. The tracks were recorded as live as possible without sounding retro. This 1992 all-analogue' recording, praised as much for the artist's too infrequently heard talents as for it's recorded dynamics, is now available on the medium that is a natural: 180 g vinyl! Also available on an equally meticulous transfer to gold-plated CD. Both audiophile LP and CD versions reflect what the two top bibles of high-end audio decree as an impeccable production that has come to be regarded as a high-fidelity reference. Matched with Ian's very personal songs, delivered in a voice that draws you in close in confidence, "Breaking Silence" is one of the very few recordings of recent years that by reproducing a pure analogue sound, has attained true audiophile status. Rolling Stone (9/16/93, p.67) - 3 1/2 Stars - Very Good - "...a somewhat quiet, haunted work in which the displays of raw musical power are far fewer than the slow, sure, frequently lovely glides of melody and memory in which a happy ending can often be discerned..." Entertainment Weekly (7/16/93, p.58) - "...Whether it's an erotic confessional or a clenched-teeth tale of abuse, Ian's low-key delivery is a rare example of songwriting that's more substance than attitude..." - Rating: B+ Q (9/93, p.84) - 3 Stars - Good - "...there's a subdued panic here [on BREAKING SILENCE]...while [Janis] Ian has clearly triumphed over adversity, her songs still sound half in love with their doubt and despair..." >>> Płyty winylowe należy przechowywać WYŁĄCZNIE w NAJLEPSZYCH NA ŚWIECIE koszulkach produkcji legendarnej wytwórni MOBILE FIDELITY. 100% gwarancji na pozbycie się trzasków będących w istocie w 90% efektem ładunków elektrostatycznych a nie uszkodzeń mechanicznych płyty! <<<


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