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JANACEK, Evelyn Lear, Hilde Rossel-Majdan, Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunk, Rafael Kubelik

Msa Glagolskaja (Glagolitic Mass) / Zapisnik zmizeleho

  • 1. Msa glagolskaja (Missa Glagolitica)
  • 2. Zapisnik zmizeleho (Tagebuch eines Verscholenen)
  • Evelyn Lear - soprano
  • Hilde Rossel-Majdan - contralto
  • Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunk - orchestra
  • Rafael Kubelik - conductor
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Nr kat.: UCCG4311
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

10 of 11 rated that review as helpful. 5Slava! By Sungu Okan This recording of Glagolitic Mass, is really the best! Rafael Kubelik, who is the master of Czech music already, performed this masterwork of Janacek so brilliant. Every note, every detail can be hear so clear with such a purity, and by the way, with really dramatic feeling. I love the spontaneity in every Kubelik performances. As you know, Janacek was not a believer, he was a pantheist, and according to him, that Mass actually "concentrated on the death" in his own words. The music has a really black atmosphere, you can feel really how the death can explain terrific in music. Just listen the spine-chilling Organ solo, there you will find the terror. Just after that movement orchestra plays a turbulent, flamboyant finale called "Intrada" (curious) and finishes suddenly in timpani strokes. In Veruju (Credo) there is a dramatic scene explains the Cruxify of Jesus and the ressurection, it's just terrific. In Slava (Gloria) there are some jubilant moments with the bells and glorious sounds of brass section. And the most mysterious movement, Agnece Bozij (Agnus Dei), it's just like a scene of a dying man, who is living his las moments... The orchestra plays with sordino, and chorus just praying in desolate mood. In that recording, the solo quartet is really dream-cast! With her pure sound Evely Lear, with her warm sound Rössl-Majdan, with such a presice declamation Ernest Haefliger, and with his impressive profondo sound Franz Crass. And the Chorus of Bayerischen-Rundfunks really get that music succesfully, even there is a difficulty about the Glagolitic language. A msut have. It is highly recommended.