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James Hunter

People Gonna Talk

  • James Hunter - vocals, guitar
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Nr kat.: ROU2187
Label  : Rounder

Rolling Stone (p.62) "James Hunter has long been championed by no less an R&B gatekeeper than Van Morrison, and one listen to these fourteen Hunter-penned gems will incite a rush to second that endorsement." Q (p.116) "Split between hip shakers and the slow and soulful, this is ripe for appreciation by the casual listener as well as old soul fans." Mojo (p.99) "Rooted in the great tradition, but with a clear identity all its own, PEOPLE GONNA TALK is a finely crafted showcase for that remarkable voice." Down Beat (p.74) "Hunter phrases leisurely, staying quietly charismatic over ska or soul-time rhythms ideal for finger-snapping."