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Jack Teagarden

It's Time For T

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Jack Teagarden - It's Time For T 01. Dinah (3:15) 02. Makin' Friends (2:59) 03. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight (3:05) 04. Loveless Love (2:44) 05. Basin Street Blues (3:15) 06. Beale Street Blues (3:04) 07. After You've Gone (3:00) 08. I Ain't Lazy - I'm Just Dreamin' (3:13) 09. I'm An Old Cowhand (3:08) 10. Diane (3:06) 11. Serenade To A Shylock (4:38) 12. Shine (3:56) 13. St. James Infirmary (4:15) 14. Dark Eyes (3:15) 15. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (3:17) 16. It's Time For T (2:47) 17. Glass Blues (2:01) 18. Out Of Nowhere (2:45) 19. Mighty Lak' A Rose (3:06) 20. Body And Soul (2:55)
  • Jack Teagarden - trumpet
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Nr kat.: 8.120825
Label  : NAXOS

Original Recordings 1929-1953

Fine Music, September 2007 "Jack Teagarden was the most influential trombonist in the early days of jazz, and his recording career lasted nearly thirty-five years, from 1927 to 1962. This Naxos CD illustrates much of the music he made during that time. …as with all Naxos releases, you can expect meticulous documentation of titles, personnel (including vocalists), original record numbers, dates, places, and alternative band names. This last point highlights the quirky names dreamed up by some band leaders of the day. The Kentucky Grasshoppers, The Charleston Chasers (Benny Goodman), Duke Wilson and the Ten Black Berries (Ben Pollack), The Windy City 7 (Eddie Condon), and The Pick a Rib Boys (Ben Pollack). This is a very interesting and informative CD. It charts Teagarden’s career from the informal 1920s small band jazz through his disastrous big band days and on to the 1950s. And it demonstrates why he is regarded by many as the greatest trombonist in the early and mainstream styles." Kevin Jones Limelight Magazine, September 2006 "Pre-bop's greatest gift to jazz trombone is consistently magnificent whether singing or playing. These tracks trace his career from 1929 to 1953."