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Back in Time

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History - Back in Time 01. Back in Time (4:31) 02. On the Road Again (3:45) 03. Ganja from Jamaica (3:25) 04. Whole Latta Rosie (3:57) 05. Suzy Q (3:32) 06. Dreadlock Holiday (4:15) 07. Beds are Burning (4:12) 08. Rockin in the Free World (4:36) 09. Mustang Sally (3:48) 10. Crossroads (3:01)
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Nr kat.: CD43063
Label  : ClearAudio Records
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: LP43063
Label  : ClearAudio Records

Analog Live Recording!

When the band originally formed we got plenty of road experience playing regularly at motorcycle festivals and open air concerts around the south of Germany and Austria. A move back to his Irish homeland for Conor at the turn of the century almost spelled the end of the project but we all stayed in contact and even managed to do a few gigs over the barren spell up to 2007. Since then the band have always ensured to play a few gigs every year whenever work and family commitments will allow. Back in Time only run on all cylinders when the venue boils and the crowd are singing (roaring) back at the band – that is when the music works for everyone. In an attempt to capture some element of this the recording on this album has been carried out in a live format in a studio. That’s the way it used to be done. The method has been tried and tested and exposes any flaw but can also produce an exclusive result. Our personal thanks go out to Peter Suchy the founder of Clearaudio – he is a man of his word or this piece of musical history would never have found its way on to Vinyl or CD. We hope that you enjoy our album – after 21 years most bands are long gone but we are only getting started – don’t forget to shout / roar / sing at your music system as you listen – that’s why we play! If we do it right we might even bring you “Back in Time” for a few moments.


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