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Hilary Kole

Haunted Heart

  • 1. It's Love
  • 2. There's A Small Hotel
  • 3. 'Deed I Do
  • 4. I Didn't Know About You
  • 5. Better Than Anything
  • 6. Like A Lover
  • 7. Blackberry Winter
  • 8. The Snake
  • 9. Old Boyfriends
  • 10. How Am I To Know
  • 11. What'll I Do
  • 12. You For Me
  • 13. Haunted Heart
  • Hilary Kole - vocal
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Nr kat.: JTR8543
Label  : Master

Hilary Kole says that when she first started working on her debut album, Haunted Heart, she was initially apprehensive. "It took me such a long time to get to this point that my initial thought was that it had to be perfect, that it had to be the definitive representation of who I was and what I was doing." It wasn't until she was into the first session that producer John Pizzarelli convinced her to lighten up. "He reminded me - and he was so right - that music is supposed to be fun, and if we don't enjoy what we're doing, then what's the point? We spent all the rest of the sessions laughing and having such a good time that I'm amazed the record ever got finished."

Produced by guitarist and vocalist John Pizzarelli, HAUNTED HEART is the debut CD by the highly traditional contemporary jazz singer Hilary Kole. Kole hails from the song-oriented Broadway school of jazz singing--she has a tart, intelligent style which she puts to good use on cabaret cult favorites like Bob Dorough's "Better Than Anything" and Alec Wilder's "Blackberry Winter." In fact, the whole set reflects the most discerning taste for quality tunes and the singers who originally sang them, including Peggy Lee ("I Didn't Know About You"), Lani Hall ("Like A Lover"), Jo Stafford ("Haunted Heart"), Billie Holiday ("How Am I to Know," lyrics by Dorothy Parker), Blossom Dearie, Irene Kral, and others. Kole is fortunate to have on hand her regular accompanist, pianist Ted Firth, who provides full-blooded, two-fisted backup without ever getting in the way. Mr. Pizzarelli also supplies some guitar on a track or two. Personnel: Hilary Kole (vocals, piano); John Pizzarelli (guitar); Tedd Firth (piano); Paul Gill (bass instrument, bass guitar); Mark McLean (drums, drum).Arranger: Hilary Kole. JazzTimes: "Give her a great story to unravel and an earthier, more assured Kole emerges. You can hear it on Alec Wilder's pensive 'Blackberry Winter'..."

Pozostali wykonawcy: Hilary Kole (vocals, piano); John Pizzarelli (guitar); Tedd Firth (piano); Paul Gill (bass instrument, bass guitar); Mark McLean (drums, drum).


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