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Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Dave Holland, Jack Dejohnette

The New Standard

Side A: New York Minute Mercy Street Side B: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) When Can I See You You've Got It Bad Girl Side C: Love Is Stronger Than Pride Scarborough Fair Side D: Thieves In the Temple All Apologies Manhattan Your Gold Teeth II
  • Herbie Hancock - piano
  • Michael Brecker - saxophone
  • John Scofield - guitar
  • Dave Holland - double bass
  • Jack Dejohnette - drums

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Recorded on 180g heavy-weight vinyl to ensure quality sound, packaged in gatefold cover, and covered by premium protective vinyl outer sleeve. In the age where faster and more convenient is thought to be better, the increase in demand for the retro vinyl LP worldwide is clearly attributed to the satisfaction from the sound offered by analog products impossible to be replicated by CD and digital products and the delight of touching, feeling, and possessing this masterpiece-like large artwork. Furthermore, LP records have both rarity and history that increase their value over time and serve as an attractive factor for collectors. "On first glance this record would not seem to have much promise from a jazz standpoint. Herbie Hancock performs a set of tunes which include numbers from the likes of Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Paul Simon, Prince, the Beatles ("Norwegian Wood") and Kurt Cobain. However by adding vamps, reharmonizing the chord structures, sometimes quickly discarding the melodies and utilizing an all-star band, Hancock was able to transform the potentially unrewarding music into creative jazz. Hancock, who sticks to acoustic piano, shows that he is still in prime form, taking quite a few fiery solos. With Michael Brecker on tenor and surprisingly effective soprano, guitarist John Scofield, bassist Dave Holland, drummer Jack DeJohnette and percussionist Don Alias (along with an occasional horn or string section that was dubbed in later), the results are often quite hard-swinging and certainly never predictable. Although it is doubtful that any of these songs will ever become a jazz standard, Herbie Hancock has successfully created a memorable set of "new" music. Well worth investigating." - Scott Yanow, All Music Recorded at Manhattan Center Studios, NYC Strings, horns and woodwinds recorded by Joel Moss at Signet Sound, West Hollywood, CA


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