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Henry Mancini and his Orchestra

Hatari! + High Time

Henry Mancini - Hatari! + High Time 01. Theme From Hatari! (2:58) 02. Baby Elephant Walk (2:45) 03. Just For Tonight (2:07) 04. Your Father's Feathers (3:34) 05. Night Side (3:27) 06. Big Band Bwana (3:05) 07. The Sounds Of Harari (6:43) 08. The Soft Touch (2:46) 09. Crocodile, Go Home! (2:57) 10. High Time (2:26) 11. Moon Talk (2:39) 12. So Neat (3:16) 13. The Old College Try Cha-Cha (2:40) 14. The Nutty Professor (1:54) 15. Frish Frosh (2:57) 16. The Second Time Around (2:55) 17. A Mild Blast (3:13) 18. Harv's Blues (3:16) 19. New Blood (2:52) 20. The Dean Speaks (2:41) 21. Tiger! (2:17) 22. The Soft Touch [Bobby Hackett version] - Bonus Track (2:42) 23. Baby Elephant Walk [Bobby Hackett version] - Bonus Track (3:11) 24. Baby Elephant Walk [Quincy Jones version] - Bonus Track (2:56) 25. Baby Elephant Walk [Eddi Condon version] - Bonus Track (2:48)
  • Henry Mancini and his Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: 606342
Label  : AudioQuest Music

24BIT Remastered

Connor L. 5.0 out of 5 stars February 21, 2013 This import collects two of Henry Mancini's early 60's soundtrack albums, 1960's "High Time" and 1962's "Hatari!" onto one excellent disc. Most Mancini fans need no introduction to "Hatari!", as it's one of the composer's best ever scores. From the brooding title theme to "Baby Elephant Walk" to the mini-epic "Sounds of Hatari", some of Mancini's best and most recognizable work is found here. Further, those relaxed jazz numbers Mancini did so well are represented by "Night Side", "The Soft Touch" and "Big Band Bwana", and they are as masterful as anything on the "Peter Gunn" albums. Even the non-Mancini song "Just for Tonight" by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer is memorable. The only issue is how short the original album is, although what is here is fantastic (in case you don't know already, by the way, these albums had re-recordings of "highlights" from the soundtracks made for the albums. Fortunately, the original "Hatari" soundtrack can be found here:Hatari! - Complete Original Soundtrack.) Aside from the tracks on the 1966 budget comp "The Second Time Around", most of the music from "High Time" was only briefly avaiable on the original soundtrack album, which is reissued here. The album might not have a classic tune like most Mancini soundtracks, but it is still solid music that is particularly recommended to the fan of Mancini's jazz side, which is evident here more than possibly any other Mancini soundtrack.


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