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HAYDN, Auryn Quartet

String Quartets op. 55, nos. 1 - 3 - vol. 9 of 14

String Quartets op. 55, nos. 1 - 3 - vol. 9 of 14  image
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String Quartets • Vol. 9 of 14 op. 55, nos. 1 - 3
  • Auryn Quartet - quartet
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Blu-ray Audio:

Nr kat.: TAC184B
Label  : Tacet


SA-CD.net (07/22/2014):

--> original review. Published here by kind permission of sa-cd.net and John Broggio.

This set of the second group of "Tost" quartets is my first encounter with the Auryn's & I am mightily impressed and looking forward to reviewing the remainder of this cycle as they become available in the UK on BD.

Firstly, the virtuosity required from all players is worn very lightly indeed; not that the Auryn players make the music sound easy but the the difficulties are carefully integrated into the musical argument (as surely must have been Haydn's wish). more...

Sächsische Zeitung Dresden (03/04/2014):

Mittendrin statt nur dabei

Wie lässt sich Hörern Musik noch näher bringen? TACET ist die deutsche Tonträgerfirma, die am nachhaltigsten mit allen Arten von Ton-Scheiben experimentiert. Außer den Stereo-Medien CD und LP bietet das audiophile Label SACD, DVD-Audio und Blu-ray Audio mit Mehrkanal-Surround-Aufnahmen an. more...

Audiophil Audition (01/15/2014):

--> original review

Mel Martin covered the first Blu-ray issue of these quartets recently. more...