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Hasidic New Wave


Hasidic New Wave - Kabalogy 01. Purple Vishnu (8:12) 02. Benigni (5:26) 03. Kabalogy (4:28) 04. H.W.N., Pt. 1 (2:07) 05. H.W.N., Pt. 2 (2:48) 06. OK Dear, Who? (4:28) 07. Amy's Solo (6:11) 08. The Frank Zappa Memorial Bris (1:01) 09. Burkan Cocek (5:37) 10. Satmer Hakafos Nign #3 (2:20) 11. Giuliani Über Alles (2:52)
  • Hasidic New Wave

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

KABBALOGY is an album of rich textures and soundscapes that manages to engage the consciousness along with rhythms that move the spirit. It is very highly recommended to those who can appreciate Miles Davis, traditional Jewish wedding dance music and Jimi Hendrix. The Hasidic New Wave is a New York City-based group that puts its own spin on the folk-based urban Jewish music known as klezmer. The group merges ancient Hebrew melodies with hard bop so well that the spirit of Woody Shaw seems to be guiding them. They also blend in dense electric textures that sound like Weather Report (circa I Sing The Body Electric) after a field trip to Jerusalem and a few Passover seders. The sharp, edgy guitar work recalls pre-Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and Terje Rypdal. The trumpet is well-rounded and bristling while the saxophone has a John Coltrane-tinged, haunting quality. Hasidic New Wave: David Fiuczynski (guitar); Greg Wall (saxophone); Frank London (trumpet); Fima Ephron (double bass); Aaron Alexander (drums). 3rd Rel Alternative Press (10/99, p.92) - 3 out of 5 - "...solos are well-thought-out and extraordinarily melody-rooted, as befits this music's social-dancing and celebratory origins....This is worth hearing but, finally, it's just okay."


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