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Hao Jie, Jia Hui, Ren Biao , Shen Wenyu, Zhang Xiaodi, Zhang Xiaoyin

Gates of Harmony - Famous Chinese Miniatures for Western Instruments

  • 1. Prairie Song - Double Bass: Zhang Xiaodi >>> MP3 <<<
  • 2. Joyful Sali Ha - Flute: Ni Yizhen >>> MP3 <<<
  • 3. Gadameilin - Trombone: Hao Jie >>> MP3 <<<
  • 4. Rippling Brook - Harp: Zhang Xiaoyin >>> MP3 <<<
  • 5. Jubilant Pamir - Cello: Ma Xinhua >>> MP3 <<<
  • 6. Twilight – the Shepherd’s Return - Oboe: Xie Hongliang >>> MP3 <<<
  • 7. Dance Under the Moonlight - Trumpet: Lu Xiaolin
  • 8. How Can I Help But Think of You - Tuba: Gao Yue
  • 9. Good News from Beijing Reaches the Frontier - Percussion: Liu Ying
  • 10. Eternal Friendship - Viola: Zhang Anxiang
  • 11. Yunling Folk Song - Bassoon: Ren Biao
  • 12. By the Golden Furnace - Violin: Jin Hui
  • 13. Variations on a Northern Jiangsu Tune - Clarinet: Yang Yilin
  • 14. Red Flowers Blooming Everywhere - French Horn: Jia Hui
  • 15. Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon - Piano: Shen Wenyu
  • Hao Jie, Jia Hui, Ren Biao , Shen Wenyu, Zhang Xiaodi, Zhang Xiaoyin - huqin
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Nr kat.: RMCDG018
Label  : Rhymoi

Najsłynniejsze azjatyckie kompozycje w aranżacji na instrumentarium Zachodniego Świata

As anyone who has visited China will tell you, every travel guide will without fail recommend visiting one of the magnificent, ancient city gates. Throughout China, from Beijing in the North, to Xi’an in the West to Nanjing in the South, these ancient fortifications are some of the most spectacular feats of ancient engineering. Their poetic names inspire visions of ancient imperial grandeur – Jubaomen – “Gathering Treasure Gate”, Shenwumen – “Gate of Divine Prowess”, Donghuamen and Xihuamen– “East and West Flowery Gates” and of course, Taihemen – “Gate of Supreme Harmony.” The magnificent designs of the city walls not only provided security, but were philosophic expressions of Chinese culture. In ancient times, each gate had a set function and ritual associated with it. For visiting dignitaries, elaborate welcoming ceremonies were the highest honor that could be bestowed. It was this rich symbolism – of the magnificent Gates of Ancient China – that has inspired this album: a ceremonial welcome for western, orchestral instruments into the rich folkways of traditional Chinese music. This special recording also provides western listeners with the opportunity to meet some of China’s most exciting young musicians. Coming from the ranks of the China Philharmonic, as well as their own distinguished solo careers, our artists have selected one piece each – a solo with piano accompaniment – in order to create a rich and colorful dialogue between Chinese musical traditions and western orchestral virtuosity. Some of the encounters will seem surprising – Zhang Xiaodi’s Double Bass performance of “Prairie Song” is hauntingly evocative of the Mongolian Horsehead fiddle, while Ni Yizhe’s reading of “Joyful Sali Ha” is clearly inspired by the sound of the Dizi (bamboo flute). Oboist Xie Hongliang’s sensitive interpretation of Xin Huguang’s “Twilight – the Shepherd’s Return” provides exposure for a lovely miniature that deserves to be picked up by oboists around the world just as Liu Ying’s energetic romp in the percussion version of “Good News from Beijing Reaches the Frontier” gives a fresh perspective on a Chinese orchestral warhorse. Rhymoi Music is also proud to announce the CD premiere recording of the exciting young piano virtuoso, Shen Wenyu – who already at 23 years of age has won many of the world’s most prestigious piano competitions. From the exotic colors of southwest frontier to haunting melancholy of the songs from China’s northern border, each musician presents a sampling of China’s rich musical tapestry, as performed on western instruments. Rhymoi Music Producer Ye Yunchuan and Asia’s top recording engineer Li Xiaopei extend their most cordial invitations to enter through these Gates of Supreme Harmony and explore the extraordinary musicianship of these young artists. While many of these works may be new to western listeners, it is our hope that both this enchanting music and these talented musicians will soon become your close friends. Join them on this imaginary voyage of musical discovery.


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