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Hans Theessing

Blues in the heart - SILVER CD

Blues in the heart - SILVER CD image
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01 Snowing On Raton Composed by Townes Van Zandt 03:50 02 Blues Stay Away From Me Composed by A. Delmore / R. Delmore 04:35 03 Man With A Broken HeartComposed by Hans Theessink 04:48 04 HellboundComposed by Hans Theessink 05:14 05 Sail Away Composed by Hans Theessink 03:37 06 The Planet Composed by Hans Theessink 04:52 07 I'm So Lonesome I Could CryComposed by Hank Williams 03:44 08 DemonsComposed by Hans Theessink 03:08 09 MosesComposed by Hans Theessink 04:54 10 A Hundred And Ten In The ShadeComposed by John Fogerty 04:37 11 Mother EarthComposed by Lewis Simpkins / Peter Chatman 03:38 12 Late Last NightComposed by Hans Theessink 03:33 13 Trouble In Mind Composed by Hans Theessink 03:33 14 My GirlComposed by Hans Theessink 04:44 15 Old Man TroubleComposed by Hans Theessink 04:20 16 At The Dark End Of The StreetComposed by Chips Moman/Dan Penn 03:13
  • Hans Theessing - vocals, guitar
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Nr kat.: HDS046
Label  : ABC Int. Records

******* Nowa, limitowana seria najbardziej audiofilskich nagrań analogowych. Każdy z utworów jest bezpośrednią kopią z taśmy matki. Płyta, na której umieszczono nagrania została wykonana z tworzywa ciekłokrystalicznego. Natomiast warstwa nośna - to najczystsze srebro! ****** Hans Theessink Hans Theessink is one of the most creative musicians working in the blues idiom today. He was borned in Netherlands, 1948. People generally regard him as one of the leading white blues-singers/guitarists. Hans is also a prolific songwriter. He performs blues and roots music, particularly in a Delta blues style. In the early sixties, Hans Theessink has his first meeting with "THE BLUES" - A radioshow, featuring Big Bill Broonzy and Leadbelly, leave a deep and lasting impression: Hans gets obsessed with the sounds and emotional richness of rural country-blues. Slowly he begins to master the blues guitar (no books, no videos, no teachers). Hans has a deep respect for the old masters but - unlike many others - does not make the mistake to become a copyist: He's an exploratory improviser who likes to blend musical ideas, often coupled with contemporary songs that reflect on the world today. Over the years Hans has built up a strong following; His music has continually developed and he has attained a status which is unique for a European. His musical abilities, stage-presence and entertainer-qualities have also earned him lots of recognition in the country where it all comes from: invitations to play at prestigious North-American festivals like the "New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival" or the "Chicago Blues Festival" speak for themselves. His songwriter qualities get valued by the renowned "Kerville Folk Festival" - Texas' songwriter-heaven - where Hans appears regularly. Even though Hans’ roots are in country-blues, he also adds portions of other roots music forms like Gospel, Soul, Folk, Rhythm ‘n Blues, Countrymusic and Zydeco to this musical melting pot. Theessink sticks to his "handmade music" formula, that makes his music readily recognizable and unmistakable – even well-known blues standards sound like Theessink originals. Hans is a master when it comes to creating the right musical atmosphere for each song. He knows about the beauty of simplicity and is well-aware of the importance of space in music. There’s no room for click-tracks or drum machines on Hans’ recordings. His musical approach follows the human pulse and heartbeat with a strong sense of earthy groove. This album shows that Hans is a first-class solo-blues performer who knows a thing or two about delta blues. Hans creates an album of rare authenticity that highlights his deep vocals and dexterity on the guitar. Even in this intimate setting, Hans never fails to captivate his listening audience - a rare gift that distinguishes a true artist. The album is the emotional and musical acknowledgement of a man who is both a blues musician and a blues fan.


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