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Hans Hotter, P. Vinzenzo, Z. Haym, Fellipe Pedrell, Style Galaut

China Bound

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Studio Jazz Quartet - China Bound 01. Oriental Pearl (5:05) 02. In That Remote Place (6:22) 03. Lubinghua (5:12) 04. Dance Of The Moon And Clouds (5:21) 05. Lan Hua Hua (5:12) 06. Lullaby (5:00) 07. The Metamorphosis To Eternal Love (5:00) 08. Jasmine (4:28) 09. The Ballad Of Yellow Rover (5:28) 10. Boating In One Hot Summer Day (4:57) 11. Fishergirls (5:10) 12. The Sound Of Sunset (4:55)
  • Hans Hotter - piano
  • P. Vinzenzo - piano
  • Z. Haym - double bass
  • Fellipe Pedrell - drums
  • Style Galaut - guitar
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Nr kat.: AJ0001S
Label  : ABC Int. Records

jazz east, piano east

Does everything sound familiar to you? Not necessarily. Because of the entrance of jazz, everything familiar is like the original, but not quite so. However, it is absolutely excellent, Piano, double bass, guitar, and drum, Easy melody,, improvised harmony, and smooth rhythm. New concepts and old forms, Chinese and Western styles, Everything combined What an Oriental jazz piano! Beautiful melodies pour out. What an Oriental jazz.


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