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HANDEL, Sinead Pratschke, Michael Chance, Jurgen Budday, Barockorchester der Klosterkonzerte


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1.01 Overture 4:21 Act The First Scene I: Before The Prison In Gaza. Samson, Blind And In Chains. Chorus Of The Priests Of Dagon, Celebrating His Festival. 1.02 This Day, A Solemn Feast To Dagon Held (Samson) - Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound (Chorus Of Philistines) 2:28 1.03 Ye Men Of Gaza (Air Philistine Woman) - Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound (Chorus Of Philistines) 4:32 Scene II: Enter Micah And Israelites, Observing Samson. 1.04 Why By An Angel Was My Birth Foretold (Samson) - Total Eclipse! No Sun, No Moon! (Air Samson) 6:07 1.05 O First Created Beam! And Thou Great Word! (Chorus Of Israelites) 3:32 Scene III: Enter Manoah. 1.06 Brethren And Men Of Dan, Say, Where Is My Son (Manoah) - The Good We Wish For, Often Proves Our Bane (Accomp. Manoah) 1:46 1.07 Thy Glorious Deeds Inspir'd My Tongue (Air Manoah) 4:23 1.08 Justly These Evils Have BefalI'n Thy Son (Samson) - Why Does The God Of Israel Sleep (Air Samson) 6:20 1.09 Then Shall They Know, That He Whose Name Jehovah Is Alone (Chorus Of Israelites) 2:21 1.10 For Thee, My Dearest Son (Manoah) - My Genial Spirits Droop, My Hopes Are Fled (Accomp. Samson) 2:11 1.11 Then Long Eternity Shall Greet Your Bliss (Micah) - Joys That Are Pure, Sincerely Good (Air Micah) 6:05 1.12 Then Round About The Starry Throne Of Him (Chorus Of Israelites) 2:24 Act The Second Scene I: Samson, Manoah, Micah And Israelites. 1.13 Just Are The Ways Of God To Man (Air Manoah) - My Evils Hopeless Are (Samson) 3:52 1.14 Return, O God Of Hosts! - To Dust His Glory They Would Tread (Air Micah And Chorus) 13:37 Scene II: Samson, Micah. Enter Dalila, Attended By Her Virgins. 1.15 But Who Is This, That So Bedeck'd And Gay (Micah) - With Doubtful Feet, And Wav'ring Resolution (Dalila) 1:01 1.16 With Plaintive Notes And Am'rous Moan (Air Dalila) 4:33 1.17 My/Her Faith And Truth, O Samson, Prove (Air Dalila And Chorus Of Virgins) 5:17 1.18 To Fleeting Pleasures Make Your Court (Air Dalila) 3:18 Disc 2 76:21 2.01 Ne'er Think Of That (Samson) - Traitor/Traitress To Love! I'll Sue/Hear No More (Duet Dalila And Samson) 2:33 Scene III: 2.02 To Man God's Universal Law Gave Pow'r To Keep The Wife In Awe (Chorus Of Israelites) 2:31 Scene IV: 2.03 No Words Of Peace, No Voice Enchanting Fear (Micah) - The Honour Certain To Have Won From Thee (Harapha) 1:49 2.04 Honour And Arms Scorn Such A Foe (Air Harapha) - Cam'st Thou For This, Vain Boaster (Samson) 7:31 2.05 Go, Baffled Coward, Go - Presume Not On Thy God (Duet Samson And Harapha) 2:34 2.06 Here Lies The Proof (Micah) - Hear, Jacob's God, Jehovah, Hear! (Chorus Of Israelites) 4:36 2.07 Dagon, Arise, Attend Thy Sacred Feast (Harapha) - To Song And Dance We Give The Day (Chorus Of Philistines) 2:10 2.08 Fix'd In His Everlasting Seat, Jehovah / Great Dagon / Rules The World In State (Chorus Of Israelites And Philistines) 3:13 Act The Third Scene I: Samson, Micah, Harapha And Chorus Of Israelites. 2.09 More Trouble Is Behind (Micah) - This Message, Giv'n With Speed, Brooks No Delay (Harapha) 1:22 2.10 Presuming Slave, To Move Their Wrath (Air Harapha) 3:45 2.11 Reflect Then. Samson, Matters Now (Micah) - Shall I Abuse This Consecrated Gift (Samson) 0:54 2.12 With Thunder Arm'd, Great God, Arise! (Chorus Of Israelites) 2:59 2.13 Be Of Good Courage (Samson) - In Time Thou Hast Resolved (Micah) - Samson, This Second Message Send Our Lords (Harapha) 1:35 2.14 Thus When The Sun From's Wat'ry Bed (Air Samson) 3:57 2.15 With Might Endu'd (Micah) - The Holy One Of Israel Be Thy Guide / To Fame Immortal Go (Air Micah And Chorus Of Israelites) 2:55 Scene II: Micah, Manoah And Chorus Of Israelites. 2.16 Old Manoah, With Youthful Steps (Micah) - I Come, My Brethren, Not To Seek My Son (Manoah) 0:29 2.17 Great Dagon Has Subdu'd Our Foe (Chorus Of Philistines) - What Noise Of Joy Was That? (Manoah And Micah) 2:46 2.18 How Willing My Paternal Love The Weight To Share Of Filial Care (Air Manoah) 3:20 2.19 Your Hopes Of His Deliv'ry Seem Not Vain (Micah, Manoah) - A Symphony Of Horror And Confusion - Hear Us, Our God! (Chorus Of Philistines) 2:01 Scene III: Enter A Messenger. 2.20 Where Shall I Run (Messenger) - The Accident Was Loud (Micah) - Suspense In News Is Torture (Manoah) 1:17 2.21 Ye Sons Of Israel, Now Lament - Weep, Israel, Weep A Louder Strain (Air Micah And Chorus Of Israelites) 4:35 2.22 Proceed We Hence To Find His Body (Manoah) - Dead March (Symphony) - The Body Comes (Micah) - There Shall All IsraeI's Valiant Youth Resort (Manoah) 4:50 Enter Israelites With The Body Of Samson. 2.23 Glorious Hero, May Thy Grave, Peace And Honour Ever Have (Air Manoah, Solo And Chorus) 5:57 2.24 Let The Bright Seraphim In Burning Row (Air Israelite Woman) 2:58 2.25 Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite (Chorus Of Israelites) 3:43
  • Sinead Pratschke - soprano
  • Michael Chance - tenor
  • Jurgen Budday - conductor
  • Barockorchester der Klosterkonzerte - orchestra
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Nr kat.: 4260005910025
Label  : K&K Verlagsanstalt


This recording is part of a cycle of old testament oratorios by G. F. Handel and is one of the many concerts performed at Maulbronn monastery over the past years. The series combines authentically performed baroque oratorios with the optimal acoustics and atmosphere of this unique monastic church. This ideal location demands the transparency of playing and the interpretive unveiling of the rhetoric intimations of the composition, which is especially aided by the historically authentic performance. The music is exclusively performed on reconstructed historical instruments, which are tuned to the pitch customary in the composers lifetime (a = 415 Hz). Immediately after the „Messias“, which was created within the 24 days between august, 22. and september, 14. 1741, Händel started to compose „Samson.“ At october, 29. 1741 he finished the last act, which means that those two biggest oratories, the „Messias“ and „Samson,“ came into being within ten successive weeks only. Samson‘s dramaturgical fundament comes from the book „judges“ of the bible. John Milton, England‘s most important baroque poet, has formed his epos „Samson Agonistes“ by following freely the outlines of the bible. Newburgh Hamilton transformed it for Händel‘s oratory. It descibes the betrayal, the remorse and the victory of Samson, the israelean army commander, whose power grew with his hair, as the legend tells us. The work starts one year after the capture and blinding of Samson, when the priests of the pagan god Dagon are celebrating their greatest triumph. In his last struggle Samson, accompained by his father Manoah and his friend Micah, has to stand the temptations of the seductress Dalila and the giant Harapha, which are both followers of god Dagon and his priests. When his strenghs returns, Samson smashes the pillars of Dragon’s temple and buries the enemies and himself under the rubble. Come, come and liter your moaning now, for our hero, Samson, died as Samson. In death and life winner, he gave ruin to our enemies, never ending glory to himself... The English Oratorio HWV 57, performed according to the traditions of the time by Sinéad Pratschke (Soprano), Michael Chance (Countertenor), Mark Le Brocq (Tenor), Raimund Nolte (Baritone), David Thomas (Bass), Monastery Baroque Orchestra, Maulbronn Chamber Choir (Maulbronner Kammerchor) Conductor: Jürgen Budday A concert recording from the church of the German UNESCO World Heritage Site Maulbronn Monastery DDD · Double Album · c. 150 Minutes


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