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HANDEL, Dame Janet Baker, Felicity Lott, Benjamin Luxon, Raymond Leppard


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1 Sinfonia * See All 35 6:53 (From different album) 2 This Day, A Solemn Feast 3 Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound 4 Ye Men Of Gaza 5 Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound 6 Loud As The Thunder's Awful Voice 7 Then Free From Sorrow 8 Awake The Trumpet's Lofty Sound 9 Why By An Angel 10 Torments, Alas! Are Not Confin'd 11 Oh Change Beyond Report 12 Oh Mirror Of Our Fickle State 13 Whom Have I To Complain Of/Matchless In Might!/Welcome My Friends/Which Shall We First Bewail/Oh Loss Of Sight! 14 Total Eclipse 15 Since Light So Necessary 16 Oh First Created Beam 17 Ye See, My Friends/The Wisest Men Have Err'd/Oh That I Had 18 Brethren And Men Of Dan/Oh Miserable Change 19 God Of Our Fathers * (Different version) 20 Good We Wish For 21 Thy Glorious Deeds Inspir'd 22 Justly These Evils Have Befall'n/Worse Yet Remains/This Have I Done 23 My Griefs For This 24 Why Does The God Of Israel Sleep 25 There Lies Our Hope 26 Then Shall They Know Disc 2 1 For Thee My Dearest Son/It Should Be So 2 Then Long Eternity Shall Greet Your Bliss 3 Joys That Are Pure 4 Then Round About The Starry Throne 5 Despair Not Thus!/Where'er The Liquid Brook Or Fountian Flow'd 6 Just Are The Way Of God To Man/Trust Yet In God 7 My Evils Hopeless Are/Relieve Thy Champion 8 Return, Oh God Of Hosts 9 To Dust His Glory They Would Tread 10 But Who Is This/My Wife? My Traitress!/She Stands, And Eyes Thee Fix'd/With Doubtful Feet/Out Thou Hyaena!/I Would Not Lessen My Offense/How Cunningly The Sorceress Displays 11 With Plaintive Notes 12 Did Love Constrain Thee 13 Your Charms To Ruin Led The Way 14 Forgive What's Done 15 My Faith And Truth/Her Faith And Truth 16 Her Faith And Truth 17 To Fleeting Pleasures Make Your Court 18 Her Faith And Truth 19 How Charming Is Domestic Ease 20 Her Faith And Truth 21 Ne'er Think Of That/Let Me Approach/Not For Thy Life/Thou Art More Deaf To Pray'rs Than Winds Or Seas 22 Traitor To Love! I'll Sue No More/Traitress To Love! I'll Hear No More 23 She's Gone! A Serpent Manifest/It Is Not Virtue 24 Favour'd Of Heaven Is He 25 To Man God's Universal Law 26 No Words Of Peace/I Come Not, Samson/The Way To Know/Ha! Dost Thou Then Already Single Me/Boast Not Of What Thou Would'st Of Have Done/The Honour Certain To Have Won From Thee 27 Honour And Arms Scorn Such A Foe Disc 3 1 Put On Your Arms/My Strength Is From The Living God 2 With Thee!/Cam'st Thou For This 3 Go, Baffled Coward, Go/Presume Not On Thy God 4 Here Lies The Proof 5 Hear, Jacob's God 6 Dagon, Arise 7 To Song And Dance We Give The Day 8 To Song And Dance 9 Fix'd In His Everlasting Seat 10 More Trouble Is Behind/I Fear Him Not/Samson, To Thee Our Lords/I Am An Hebrew/This Answer Will Offend/Myself!/My Message, Given With Speed 11 Presuming Slave 12 Reflect Then, Samson/Shall I Abuse 13 With Thunder Arm'd 14 Be of Good Courage 15 Thus When The Sun From's Wat'ry Bed 16 With Might Endued 17 Holy One Of Israel Be Thy Guide/To Fame Immortal Go 18 Old Manoa, With Youthful Steps/I Come, My Brethren 19 Great Dagon Has Subdued Our Foe 20 What Noise Of Joy Was That 21 How Willing My Paternal Love 22 Your Hopes Of His Deliv'ry/I Know Your Friendly Mind, And Heav'n! What Noise!/Hear Us, Our God 23 Noise Call You This/Ruin Indeed/Thy Son Is Rather Slaying Them/Where Shall I Run/The Accident Was Loud/Let Me Recover Breath/Suspense In News Is Torture/Unwounded Of His Enemies He Fell 24 Ye Sons Of Israel, Now Lament/Weep, Israel Weep 25 Proceed We Hence 26 Dead March 27 Body Comes 28 Glorious Hero 29 Come, Come! No Time Lamentation 30 Let the Bright Seraphim 31 Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite
  • Dame Janet Baker - mezzosopran
  • Felicity Lott - soprano
  • Benjamin Luxon - baritone
  • Raymond Leppard - conductor
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Nr kat.: 229245994
Label  : Erato

W nagraniu udział wzięli: Dame Janet Baker (Mezzo Soprano), Benjamin Luxon (Baritone), Felicity Lott (Soprano), Philip Langridge (Tenor), Norma Burrowes (Soprano), Helen Watts (Alto), John Shirley-Quirk (Baritone), Robert Tear (Tenor) Conductor: Raymond Leppard English Chamber Orchestra, London Voices