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HANDEL, Robert King, The King's Consort

Fireworks Music and Water Music

Musick for the Royal Fireworks 1 Ouverture [9'45] 2 Bourrée [1'38] 3 La Paix [3'33] 4 La Réjouissance [2'17] 5 Menuet I and II [2'46] Water Music HWV348 6 Ouverture: Largo – Allegro [3'18] 7 Adagio e staccato [2'06] 8 [Allegro] – Andante – [Allegro] [7'20] 9 [Menuet] [2'55] 10 Air [2'31] 11 Menuet [2'30] 12 Bourrée [1'02] 13 Hornpipe [1'17] 14 [Andante] [4'19] Water Music HWV349/350 15 [Ouverture] [2'00] 16 Alla Hornpipe [2'58] 17 [Menuet] [3'03] 18 Rigaudon [2'42] 19 Lentement [2'03] 20 Bourrée [0'51] 21 Menuet [I] [1'00] 22 [Menuet II] [2'10] 23 [Country Dances I & II] [1'29] 24 [Trumpet Menuet] [1'22]
  • The King's Consort - orchestra
  • Robert King - conductor

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

On a cold January day in 1989, two dozen oboes, twelve bassoons, nine horns, nine trumpets and two giant double drums were gathered in a north London church to make what became of Hyperion’s most iconic recordings: The King’s Consort’s recreation of Handel’s Musick for the Royal Fireworks is a sonic triumph of jaw-dropping majesty, its authenticity only stopping short at burning down the venue.
Ten years later Robert King and The King’s Consort turned their attentions to the Water Music. Handel’s commission was for an enormous party on the river Thames given by George I. A large orchestra was present on the musicians' barge: a good-size string section (despite the King’s outspoken loathing of ‘violeens’) and a substantial wind presence. The sound of a large baroque wind band produces a magnificent sonority. Similarly, a colourful continuo force on the river seems probable. The rhythmic impetus of a pair of baroque guitars combined with the colours of two harpsichords lends the music a vital danceband-like rhythm section, much in keeping with the King’s colourful intentions for his evening’s entertainment!
All faithfully recreated, of course. Except for the barge.