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HANDEL, James Bowman, The King's Consort, Robert King

English Arias

1 Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay (Hercules) (No 15, Air from The Choice of Hercules, HWV69) [3'59] 2 How can I stay, when love invites (Assueras) (Aria from Esther) [3'02] 3 O fairest of ten thousand fair (Michal/David) (Act 2, Duet from Saul, HWV53) [3'11] 4 Great God! who, yet but darkly known (Cyrus) (Act 1, Aria from Belshazzar, HWV61) [3'28] 5 The raptur'd soul (Didymus) (Act 1 Scene 2, Aria from Theodora, HWV68) [8'14] Judas Maccabaeus 6 Act 3 No 1, Air: Father of heav'n! From thy eternal throne (Priest) [7'24] Esther 7 Overture: Andante – Larghetto – Allegro [6'28] 8 O Lord, whose mercies numberless (David) (Act 1 Scene 5, Aria from Saul, HWV53) [3'30] 9 What though I trace each herb (Solomon) (Act 1, Aria from Solomon) [6'13] 10 Martial Symphony – Destructive war (Cyrus) (Act 3 Scene 3, Symphony – Aria from Belshazzar, HWV61) [2'50] 11 Welcome as the dawn of day (Solomon/Solomon's wife) (Act 1, Duet from Solomon) [3'33] 12 Kind heaven, if virtue be thy care (Didymus) (Aria from Theodora, HWV68) [5'13] 13 Almighty pow'r (Solomon) (Accompagnato from Solomon) [2'45] 14 Now persecution shall lay by her iron rod – Tune your harps (Israelite) (Act 1, Recitative – Aria from Esther) [5'06]
  • James Bowman - countertenor
  • The King's Consort - orchestra
  • Robert King - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDH55419
Label  : Hyperion

'This beautiful collection of songs and duets from Handel oratorios finds the 52-year-old English countertenor in quite amazing form ... his voice remains phenomenally agile. Unmissable' (The Sunday Times) 'Un disco a la mayor gloria de Bowman' (Ritmo, Spain) 'Un disco admirable de todo punto' (Diario de Jerez, Spain) 'A noble and dignified recital' (Fanfare, USA) 'Un manjar' (La Voz de Galicia, Spain) ------------------ A comprehensive programme of arias from such famous English oratorios as Esther, Saul, Belshazzar, Theodora, Judas Maccabaeus and Solomon. These oratorios contain a wealth of arias, duets and splendid overtures, of which one overture, eleven arias, and two beautiful duets are included here. The world-famous countertenor James Bowman is joined by The King’s Consort and the renowned soprano Susan Gritton.