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HANDEL, Peter Whelan, Ensemble Marsyas

Apollo e Dafne

Ensemble Marsayas - Handel: Apollo e Dafne 01. Il pastor fido, HWV8a - Ouverture (4:09) 02. Largo (3:09) 03. Allegro (2:18) 04. Allegro (1:35) 05. Largo (7:32) 06. Allegro (3:42) 07. Aria F major, HWV410 (4:43) 08. Aria F major, HWV411 (1:41) 09. Apollo e Dafne, HWV122 - Recitativo: La terra e liberata! (0:44) 10. Aria: Pende il ben dell?universo (3:51) 11. Recitativo: Ch?il superbetto Amore (0:30) 12. Aria: Spezza l?arco e getta l?armi (2:51) 13. Aria: Felicissima quest?alma (6:05) 14. Recitativo: Che voce! Che beltŕ! (1:03) 15. Aria: Ardi, adori, e preghi in vano (3:00) 16. Recitativo: Che crudel! Ch?importuno! (0:17) 17. Duetto: Una guerra ho dentro il seno (2:10) 18. Recitativo: Placati ai fin, o cara (0:20) 19. Aria: Come rosa in su la spina (2:52) 20. Recitativo: Ah, ch?un Dio non dovrebbe (0:21) 21. Aria: Come in ciel benigna stella (3:44) 22. Recitativo: Odi la mia ragion! Sorda son io! (0:25) 23. Duetto: Deh! lascia addolcire quell?aspro rigor (2:44) 24. Recitativo: Sempre t?adorerň! (0:21) 25. Aria: Mie piante correte (3:05) 26. Aria: Cara pianta, co? miei pianti (5:58)
  • Peter Whelan - basson
  • Ensemble Marsyas - group

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

5 stars 'Mhairi Lawson, as Dafne, and Callum Thorpe, as Apollo, are in complete command of all this glorious music, and bring it to life with enormous dramatic energy, ably partnered by Ensemble Marsyas's superb playing...' Early Music Review

4 stars '...it's the instrumental playing that stands out: pert, shapely, spicy, full of drama.' The Guardian

'... it's hard to imagine a more committed and sympathetic reading of the work than the one presented here.' Classical CD Choice


Due to the original overture not surviving Ensemble Marsyas has substituted Handel's overture Il pastor fido; its pastoral nature is perfectly juxtaposed with the more dramatic cantata which follows. Il pastor fido was described by 18th-century music historian Charles Burney as 'one of the most masterly and pleasing of the kind'.

Apollo e Dafne is one of Handel's most ambitious cantatas giving an early indication of what was to be a brilliant operatic career in the next thirty years of his life. Joining Ensemble Marsyas for Apollo e Dafne are soprano Mhairi Lawson (Paul McCreesh's Gabrieli Consort) and bass Callum Thorpe (William Christie's Les Jardins de Voix).

Fans of Ensemble Marsyas' instrumental performances will also be pleased to see the inclusion of two recital pieces for wind ensemble, which gives the core members a chance to shine.