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Guilherme Vergueiro, Carlos dos Santos


  • 1. Ternura 10:24
  • 2. Ingênuo 4:11
  • 3. Se Acaso Você Chegasse 3:54>
  • 4. Simply Simple 4:08
  • 5. Despedida 5:20
  • 6. Ri Melhor 5:00
  • 7. Aquarela do Brasil 5:35
  • 8. Homenagem à Velha Guarda 6:17
  • 9. Subindo o Morro 3:17
  • 10. A Flor e o espinho 4:01
  • 11. A Alegria voltou 2:41
  • 12. Thinking of you 5:19
  • 13. Sou só 4:33
  • Total Time: 64:49
  • Guilherme Vergueiro - piano
  • Carlos dos Santos - guitar
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Nr kat.: Naim041
Label  : NAIM Records

Espiritu is a remarkable CD. It is full of beautiful Brazilian melodies which are perfectly suited to being played on piano and the magical seven stringed guitar. Guilherme and Carlos are wonderful musicians who make this disc a sheer joy to listen to, and whose playing faultlessly complements each other. The music has an effortless quality to it; relaxing yet full of hidden depths on repeated listening. The combination of the piano's percussive qualities and the crystal clear guitar with its cheeky extra string make for a truly revelationary disc. Espiritu was recorded in a studio in Los Angeles by Ken Christianson using his renowned two microphone technique. We chose to use a studio so that we would