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GOMBERT, Henry's Eight, Jonathan Brown

Missa Tempore paschali and Motets

  • 1 Magnificat octavi toni [11'23]
  • 2 Movement 1: Kyrie [6'24]
  • 3 Movement 2: Gloria [6'43]
  • 4 Adonai, Domine Jesu Christe [5'58]
  • 5 Movement 3: Credo [9'03]
  • 6 In illo tempore [4'54]
  • 7 Movement 4: Sanctus [4'02]
  • 8 Movement 5: Benedictus [2'42]
  • 9 O rex gloriae [7'21]
  • 10 Movement 6: Agnus Dei [6'03]
  • Henry's Eight - choir
  • Jonathan Brown - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDH55323
Label  : Hyperion

The Flemish composer Nicolas Gombert is believed to have been a pupil of Josquin; his style of composition is equally assured and yet there are elements of significant innovation. As early as 1556 Gombert was regarded as the absolute model of harmonic and imitative writing, and his general avoidance of rests broke much new ground. This second Gombert recording by Henry's Eight is structured around the Missa Tempore paschali. The Mass is probably an early work; its use of dissonance is at times extraordinary and all is here recorded in a new edition more faithful to the manuscripts than ever before. Although the Mass is fundamentally in six parts, Gombert varies the texture so that the Credo is in eight, and the final Agnus Dei in a glorious twelve parts. ---------------------------------------------------- 'This second instalment of Gombert from Henry's Eight is cause for celebration. Gombert has found worthy champions' (Gramophone) 'A magnificent piece … beautifully poised singing' (BBC Music Magazine) 'Surely an absolute classic of the years around 1530, full of details that ravish the ear. Henry's Eight presents it with a wonderful balance and tact' (BBC Record Review) 'Gloriously rich and sensitive performances of magnificent music' (Classic CD) 'Une partition puissante éclairée avec ferveur et magnificence par les voix d'Henry's Eight' (Répertoire, France)