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Wang Yameng - Caprice 01. Rossiniana-Mauro Giuliani (14:39) 02. Grand Solo opus 14-Fernando Sor (8:55) 03. Air varie opus 21-Giulio Regondi (11:26) 04. El delirio-Albert Cano (5:08) 05. Caprice no24 Niccolo Paganini (7:49) 06. Grand solo opus 24-Napoleon Coste (13:57)
  • Wang Yameng - guitar
  • SOR
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Nr kat.: GHA 126.04
Label  : GHA Belgia

Not every girl of twelve is able to walk off with the first prize at the International Tokyo Guitar Competition, and yet this is precise what Wang Yameng did in 1993, after barely two years of tuition. Wang Yameng was born in Quingdao, in the province of Shadong, in China. She inherited her love for the guitar from her father, an amateur guitarist. When she was six he gave her a small-size guitar as well as some guitar records to which she listened a great deal as a young child, especially those made by Chen Zhi. She displayed such talent that her parents enrolled her in the only conservatoire in Beijing to offer guitar lessons, given by none other than the renowned teacher Chen Zhin. He later declared her the most gifted and hardest working of all his pupils. In 1995 she attended a masterclass in Beijing by John Williams, who gave her his own guitar as a present, an instrument made by the Australian luthier Greg Smallman. It was on this guitar that Wang Yameng made her first recording for GHA. As well as making her mark in other international competitions such as Allessandria in 1995 and Madrid in 1996. Wang Yameng has given much acclaimed recitals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and, most recently (1999), in Australia.