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Giovanna Carone, Mirko Signorile

Betam soul

1 Dray tekhterlekh 3:15 2 Dos kelbl 5:10 3 Kartoflzup mit shvomen 5:49 4 S'blotz in may 4:04 5 La Stella D'oro 4:53 6 Papirosn 3:18 7 Tsvishn Kosev un Kitev 2:34 8 Dos lidl fun goldenem land 4:18 9 Tumbalalayka 1:46 10 Kinder yorn 4:29 11 A lidele tayer vi gold 4:01 12 Moyshe halt zikh 2:27 13 Blackbird 2:27
  • Giovanna Carone - vocal
  • Mirko Signorile - piano
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Nr kat.: DCTT08
Label  : Digressione Contemplativa

l'anima del canto yiddish

The chosen title, Betàm Soul, comes from a contamination between English “soul”: mental, psycological, and Yiddish: “TAM”, as in “tam gan-eydn”, the Garden of Eden. The overall result takes us back to our original identity, through a spiritual, sensorial and sensual enjoyment. Betàm Soul – Yiddish and poetry songs is a complex musical expression that goes beyond jazz, pop, ethnic or classical. It is a virtual journey through all these musical expressions. It delineates twelve passages from the traditional Yiddish repertoire for voice and piano. Some performances are original compositions by Mirko Signorile on Yiddish poetries; all of them are innovative arrangements of both performers Giovanna and Mirko.