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Giora Feidman

The Magic of the Klezmer

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Giora Feidman - The Magic of the Klezmer 01. Songs of Rejoicing (3:59) 02. Ki Mizion (2:30) 03. The Mothers in Law (3:36) 04. Happiness is a Nigun (3:13) 05. Papirossen (Cigarettes) (3:58) 06. With Much Sentiment (2:39) 07. Friling (3:48) 08. The Market Places in Jaffa (4:47) 09. Hopkele (4:08) 10. Nigun (3:13) 11. A Dudele (5:09) 12. Music for "Ghetto" (5:47) 13. Humoresque "Halaka" Dance (5:10) 14. Gerswhin Suite (7:11) 15. Freilach (2:47)
  • Giora Feidman - clarinet
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Nr kat.: TMCD1063
Label  : Top Music (Hong Kong)
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Nr kat.: DE4005
Label  : DELOS (USA)

Jakość wręcz LABORATORYJNA!!! - HRCD 32 BIT DSP Mastering 24 KARAT GOLD!

'Long live Giora, his clarinet and his Soul Music!? ? Leonard Bernstein 'He gives the clarinet an original, new voice? ? Benny Goodman with Jeff Israel, Richard Sarpola, Manny Katz, Rick Cutler, Peter Weitzner, Ali Hafid The first appearance on compact disc of the 'undisputed King of Klezmer,? who is to Jewish soul music what Louis Armstrong was to Basin Street Blues and Ravi Shankar to India?s ragas. 'if you like this sort of music there can be nothing better.? Newhouse News Service


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