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Gerard D'Angelo Trio

Not What My Hands Have Done

Gerard d'Angelo - Not What My Hands Have Done 01. Who's Kidding Who? (7:16) 02. No Turn on Red (5:38) 03. Heavy Blue (3:28) 04. Forlane (5:23) 05. I'll Take Romance (4:10) 06. One Shot Deal (4:35) 07. La Pardida (5:44) 08. Ballad for Frederick (6:47) 09. Freshwater Girls (4:16) 10. Funkalero (5:35) 11. Mary's Secret (3:31) 12. Not What My Hands Have Done (4:23)
  • Gerard D'Angelo Trio
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brzmienie Mapleshade!

Gerard locks effortlessly with his trio mates, Jay Anderson and Jeff Hirschfield. They’re one of the classic bass-drum duos in jazz, recorded on a hundred plus discs. As for Gerard, jazz greats like Nat Adderly, Zoot Sims, Mel Lewis and Red Rodney all loved his selfless accompaniment and his endlessly enchanting, melodic solos. Another deep admirer, Mapleshade’s resident piano great Larry Willis, brought Gerard here—and produced the session for him. The trio sounds lusciously life-like: rich piano overtones, clear woody bass, and the delicate brassy zing of the cymbals are right there.