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Freda Payne

Come Back To Me Love

Freda Payne - Come Back To Me Love 01. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (4:24) 02. Haven't We Met (3:54) 03. Lately (3:53) 04. Come Back To Me Love (5:24) 05. Whatever Happened To Me (3:24) 06. You Don't Know (3:48) 07. Save Your Love For Me (5:21) 08. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (3:56) 09. The Island (6:11) 10. I Should Have Told Him (3:32) 11. I Just Have To Know (4:26) 12. Midnight Sun (5:38) 13. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (4:47) 14. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (4:23)
  • Freda Payne - vocal
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Nr kat.: ART7044
Label  : Artistry Music (USA)

‘Freda Payne, certainly best known for her 1970 pop hit “Band of Gold” and her 1971 anti-war anthem “Bring the Boys Home,” may be less well known for her work as a jazz singer. This is a crime. This is a woman with the kind of distinctive voice and creative style that can make a piece of music her own. That creativity is on view in her new album, Come Back To Me Love, her first for Artistry Music. For those of us around when “Band of Gold” was a hit, Come Back To Me Love is a reminder of just how fine a vocalist Freda Payne is. For the youngsters, they have something to discover.’ – BlogCritics ‘In 1970, the spirited R&B/pop singer Freda Payne had a monster success with "Band of Gold," a bouncy love-gone-wrong song that was probably the first top-40 hit ever written about impotence. Decades later, with undiminished pipes, beauty, and impressive energy, Payne returns to the spotlight with this big-band outing from Mack Records on its Artistry Music imprint … a thoroughly enjoyable and versatile collection.’ – All About Jazz ‘Freda Payne is a living legend who has wowed audiences for a half century. Beautiful and talented, she amassed millions of fans in pop, jazz, and, of course, soul music. We're excited that Freda returns with a new album that goes back to her musical roots: An album of pop and jazz standards, complete with a big band. Come Back to Me Love shows Freda to be in excellent voice and looking as beautiful as ever … a thoroughly enjoyable reintroduction to this music legend. Recommended.’ – SoulTracks ‘She’s nothing if not experienced as both a jazz singer and as a purveyor of premium pop. She is, after all, a woman who began singing with a jazz band at the grand old age of 14 – a woman whose debut on record in 1963 was on the Impulse Label no less and arranged by Manny Albam … to remain a true-blue Freda Payne in this day and age so overrun by jazz vocal aspirants of dubious ability is quite a splendid thing to be.’ – Buffalo News Ms. Payne's new album is essentially a return to her roots. The arrangements were done by Bill Cunliffe, and his work deftly captures the flavor of the '60s big-band recordings. The charts feature distinctive harmonies and clear nods to Messrs. Jones and Albam; tunes like the title track display a slight Neal Hefti influence in the dynamics. Ms. Payne's singing is measured and distinctive. She's brassy on the bluesy numbers like "I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water" and torch songs like "You Don't Know." She's restrained on "Haven't We Met" and "Save Your Love for Me." This could have been the soundtrack for the early seasons of "Mad Men." – Wall Street Journal ‘Freda Payne has always been a jazz singer dating back to her performance at age 14 with The Jimmy Wilkins Big Band. With her Artistry Music debut, Come Back to Me Love – on which every instrumental solo sounds like it was played by someone who had a crush on her at one time or another – Ms. Freda Charcelia Payne won’t just be swinging on a star…she’ll be clutching that golden Victrola for this, her return to jazz and Detroit. When she is singing her heartbeat music – jazz – love, awe and yearning only grow stronger.’ - EurWeb