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Frank Wildhorn, Linda Eder, Colm Wilkinson

Jekyll & Hyde (Highlights)

Various Artists - Jekyll & Hyde (Highlights) 01. Once Upon A Dream (2:56) 02. Hospital Board (1:54) 03. Love Has Come Of Age (4:12) 04. Possessed (1:06) 05. This Is The Moment (3:41) 06. Transformation (2:43) 07. Seduction (1:33) 08. Someone Like You (3:40) 09. No One Must Ever Know (2:04) 10. Till You Came Into My Life (5:36) 11. No One Knows Who I Am (3:23) 12. Retribution (1:02) 13. Letting Go (4:19) 14. A New Life (4:21) 15. It's Over Now (1:33) 16. We Still Have Time (4:48) 17. Once Upon A Dream(2) (2:38)
  • Linda Eder - vocal
  • Colm Wilkinson - vocal
  • Frank Wildhorn

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

BMG Hong Kong has released another item from the RCA Victor label catalog in Hybrid Stereo SACD. Their newest release is the 1990 “concept album” of the Broadway Show Jekyll and Hyde featuring Colm Wilkinson and singer Linda Eder. The album was prepared prior to the show’s debut on Broadway as a preview to the musical and an incentive for investors to put money into the show. The Super Audio CD is one of a small number of movie soundtracks and broadway cast recordings available in the format. The last release of this type was last year’s release from BMG Hong Kong of the soundtrack to The Sound of Music, also on a Hybrid Stereo SACD.