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FRANCK, Hans-Eberhard Ross

Complete Organ Works Vol. III

Disc 1 1-48. Pieces Pour Orgue Ou Harmonium Disc 2 1-24. Pieces Pour Orgue Ou Harmonium 25-27. Trois Horals Pour Grand Orgue
  • Hans-Eberhard Ross - organ
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2 SACD Multi-CH:

Nr kat.: AUD91520
Label  : Audite

"Roß bietet exzellente Interpretationen. Sorgfalt bis in den letzten Winkel hinein. Sehr ansprechend auch die Wiedergabe der bekannten Stücke. Wenn es um die Interpretation der Orgelmusik von César Franck geht, wird die Roß-Initiative künftig sicherlich eine Rolle spielen. Bemerkenswert die Beihefttexte Martin Weyers: Sie sind ein Lesevergnügen." (Badische Zeitung) This double SACD is the third and concluding part of a series of 3 double SACDs which together present César Franck’s complete organ works for the first time. This complete edition naturally includes the 12 major well-known works of this composer. In addition to these, alongside many smaller treasures of the repertoire it contains at least 40 minutes of fi rst recordings: Two organ works discovered during the 1970s and 1980s are totally new to the recording medium, as are the works for harmonium in their entirety in their versions for organ. Besides these aspects of completeness, the present complete production is marked by the special sound of the Goll Organ. Its warm, soft sound, resulting from widely constructed pipes, creates an unobtrusive power and fullness; the essence of the French Cavaillé Organs has been preserved and further developed in this instrument. Hans-Eberhard Roß, Cantor of the Deanery St. Martin in Memmingen, was decisively and authoritatively involved in the planning and disposition of this organ. Interested music lovers can find the exact registrations of all the pieces as special media file on the audite website, as well as short videos about the construction of the organ.