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FAURE, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Roy Howat

Lydia’s Vocalises

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1. Fauré: Lydia in F major; 2-6: Fauré: La Beauté; 7-15: Fauré: L'Envie; 16-22: Fauré: La Cour; 23-27: Fauré: La Tendresse; 28-32: Fauré: Les Regrets; 33-36: Fauré: Les Souvenirs; 37. Fauré: Lydia in G major; 38. Chabrier: Aubade; 39. Chabrier: Danse villageoise; 40. Saint-Saëns: Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Major - Romanza poco adagio; 41. Hahn: À Chloris; 42. Rameau: Naïs Suite - Overture; 43. Rameau: Naïs Suite - Gavotte pour les Zephirs; 44. Couperin: Messe pour les Couvents - Cromorne sur la Taille...; 45. Marchand: Grand Dialogue; 46. Fauré: Deuxieme Sonate pour Violon
  • Jonathan Freeman-Attwood - trumpet
  • Roy Howat - piano
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Nr kat.: CKD488
Label  : Linn Records

urzeka pięknem lirycznej frazy i bogactwem kolorów

‘Apart from his nimble dexterity, Freeman-Attwood's playing is just as striking for the beauty of his lyrical phrasing and his richness of colour.' Gramophone ‘Such is Freeman-Attwood's supreme control in the higher register that he somehow manages to combine ringing clarity with creamy smoothness, pin-point intonation and effortless agility.' International Record Review ‘...Freeman-Attwood has a simply golden tone and full command of his instrument...' MusicWeb International **** • This is the world-premiere recording of Fauré’s complete vocalises, a thirty-strong collection which has not seen the light of day in over a hundred years. • Written when Fauré was Director of the Paris Conservatoire, these exquisite vignettes find new life in this performance by a fellow Director, the Royal Academy of Music’s Principal, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood. • Originally ordered by increasing technical challenge Jonathan instead orders the pieces by the music’s varied ‘affects’ and aptly places them in a context central to Fauré. • Jonathan is accompanied by pianist Roy Howat who is uniquely qualified in this role, having edited the newly discovered vocalises with Emily Kilpatrick for publication in 2013. • ‘Fauré: Lydia’s Vocalises’ includes several bonus French works - which also started life as works for instruments other than trumpet and piano - originally featured on the albums La Trompette Retrouvée and Trumpet Masque accompanied by Daniel-Ben Pienaar. • As a trumpet player and recording artist, Jonathan has attracted plaudits from the press; his producing career has resulted in over 200 albums and several awards including eight Gramophone Awards. • Jonathan broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio 3 and is in demand as an essayist for EMI, Warner, Deutsche Grammophon and other major record labels. • Roy studied French piano repertoire intensively in Paris; his specialization in French music has yielded two groundbreaking books Debussy in Proportion and The Art of French Piano Music.


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