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Faith No More

Angel Dust

  • Faith No More - Angel Dust
  • 01. Land Of Sunshine (3:44)
  • 02. Caffeine (4:27)
  • 03. MidLife Crisis (4:23)
  • 04. RV (3:43)
  • 05. Smaller And Smaller (5:04)
  • 06. Everything's Ruined (4:33)
  • 07. Malpractice (4:02)
  • 08. Kindergarten (4:30)
  • 09. Be Aggressive (3:42)
  • 10. A Small Victory (4:57)
  • 11. Crack Hitler (4:38)
  • 12. Jizzlobber (6:38)
  • 13. Midnight Cowboy (4:16)
  • Faith No More - group

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Ultradisc II 24 KT Gold CD

Numbered Limited Edition Mini-LP Style Packaging!

Landmark 1992 Alternative Rock Album Features Cutting-Edge Production and Sound! 


Upon its original release on Warner Bros. Records in 1992, Faith No More’s Angel Dust stood apart in a field crowded with excellent alternatives. It still does. Wackier, wilder, and funnier than hit records from peers such as Nirvana, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Primus, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the success of the California quintet’s fourth album helped land the band a prized opening slot on the Guns N’ Roses/Metallica stadium tour. The seemingly ill-fitting match still serves as a perfect metaphor for Angel Dust’s lasting appeal and eccentric brilliance. This is bold, visionary music that can’t resist the temptation of infiltrating the mainstream by walking right in through the front door and forcing everyone to take notice.

Singer Mike Patton is alone reason enough to warrant the attention of any self-respecting Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Captain Beefheart, or Jane’s Addiction fan. He is the Man of 1000 Voices, constantly changing pitches, altering tones, utilizing noise filters, and twisting language to create personas and characters that give life to songs about midlife crises, adolescent frustrations, hillbilly living, and other sordid topics. And the clever black humor comes with a soundtrack that can’t be beat. Faith No More’s mix of prog-rock, hard funk, thrash metal, horror-film ambience, and cartoon music is a sonic funhouse that remains catchy and melodic no matter what directions the songs pull.  But the record’s greatest aspect may be its cutting-edge production.

Modeled on the dense, layered walls of sound that the Bomb Squad designed for Public Enemy, Angel Dust is rife with myriad textures, tones, and details that act as supports and balances. Remastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity has lifted the veil on the recording, exposing everything that lay in the grooves of in the film-score atmospheres and cinematic soundscapes. The clarity, richness, and openness enhance what’s already a singular listening experience.

"Like a spotlight on a gnarled ancient oak, Mobile Fidelity's [reissues] reveal sonic details with stunning clarity; check theexplosive smack of the snare on the relentless 'Caffeine.' On the approaching apocalypse of 'Crack Hitler' it sounds like Patton’s shouting through a bullhorn. The presentation is equally impressive on LP and the label's gold CD."
– Andy Downing, The Absolute Sound, January 2009


MFSL engineers were quite impressed with the dynamic range and natural tonality present on the master tapes. When compared to previous versions, the new MFSL GAIN 2 mastering is much more dynamic and reveals detail and subtleties not heard on other versions. This new MFSL Gold CD allows the full dynamic range to shine through, giving fans the chance to hear this album the way it was heard at Scream Studios, where mixing was expertly performed by Matt Wallace and David Bryson. * Peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200 chart * Worldwide sales of 3 million copies to date * Contains the hit singles "MidLife Crisis", "A Small Victory" and "Everything's Ruined" * Co-produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Wallace (Blues Traveler, Maroon 5) * Mastered from the original ˝�, 2-track, 30 i.p.s. master mixes


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