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Sparkle and Fade

Side One: 1. Elektra Made Me Blind 2. Heroin Girl 3. You Make Me Feel Like a Whore 4. Santa Monica 5. Summerland 6. Strawberry 7. Heartspark Dollarsign Side Two: 1. The Twistinside 2. Her Brand New Skin 3. Nehalem 4. Queen of the Air 5. Pale Green Stars 6. Chemical Life 7. My Sexual Life
  • Everclear - group
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: IR006
Label  : Intervention Records

Platinum-Selling Alt Rock Classic! Billboard Hits: Santa Monica, Heroin Girl, Heartspark Dollar Sign Everclear remains one of the few elite acts to emerge from the post-Nirvana grunge explosion, rockers that could not only match the crunch and aggression of Seattle’s finest, but the hooks and emotional honesty. Everclear’s Art Alexakis wrote songs that were a mature but hard rocking brand of power pop with gritty, achingly true lyrics about addiction, failed relationships and loneliness. Sparkle and Fade was Everclear’s second release, and it broke HUGE, a platinum-selling smash with hit tunes like "Santa Monica," "Heroin Girl," and "Heartspark Dollar Sign." Mastering Notes: Everclear’s Sparkle and Fade was captured on analog master tapes, but never fully assembled in the analog domain. That means choosing the final mixes, sequencing, crossfades, etc. was performed only in the digital domain, which in a real sense means no analog master exists of the final album. Universal archived the original tapes in high-resolution digital and supplied IR with flat 24-bit/96kHz files for compatibility with Cohearent Audio’s 24-bit capable Pacific Microsonics D-A conversion system and what notes were available regarding which files contained final mixes, sound effects, crossfades, etc. Cohearent’s Kevin Gray and IR’s Shane Buettner then spent painstaking hours running down the title comparing the files to the original Capitol LP to ensure final mixes and sequencing, crossfades, sound effects and properly space the time between tracks. Sonically, Sparkle and Fade is now better than ever before, with true timbres and textures, a much more expansive soundstage, no dynamic limiting/compression, and unsurpassed musicality and listenability. A ‘90s alt rock classic brought to new life! The Lost '90s Series: A driving passion at IR is bringing music from the dark days of the CD era to glorious new light and life on premium vinyl. So much fantastic music from this era either never saw a vinyl release at all, or saw only a very limited and all too often low-quality release ripped from CDs without much care. During that era even if the original capture was to analog tape it was often ripped to digital and loaded into workstations for choosing final mixes, sequencing and final assembly. If vinyl was released during this era it is more than likely sourced from CD files. For releases that were never assembled in analog or were fully-digital recordings IR acquires and masters from high-resolution 20-24-bit files and if needed assembles final mixes, cross-fades, etc. during mastering. The increase in musicality and purity is as exponential as the increase in bit depth! Combining superior master sources with the truly full-range mastering chain at Cohearent and RTI’s dead quiet vinyl pressing results in hearing the music that was the soundtrack to our lives like never before!