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Eric Tingstad, Nancy Rumbel


Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel - Homeland 01. Homeland (5:44) 02. Lotus (5:34) 03. Peru (3:02) 04. Aria (4:16) 05. Clancey's Heart (5:17) 06. Traveling Home (4:18) 07. Caravan Crossing (4:08) 08. Immigrant (4:46) 09. The Voyage (6:31)
  • Eric Tingstad - guitar
  • Nancy Rumbel - winds
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Nr kat.: 83616102627
Label  : Narada

Tingstad and Rumbel's pastoral sound is a bit more aggressive on this album, due to a stronger rhythmic emphasis and the appearance of over a dozen guest artists. The overall effect, however, remains subtle, with snatches of oriental and South American influences mixed with the duo's usual fusion of classical and North American folk influences.