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Ensemble Corund, Stephen Smith

Navidad Iberica

Ensemble Corund - Navidad Ibérica 01. Verbum caro factum est (1:09) 02. No la deuemos dormir (1:16) 03. Alta Reyna soberana (1:44) 04. Yo me soy la morenica (1:47) 05. Senores, el qu'es nascido (1:51) 06. Riu, riu chiu (2:57) 07. Dadme al bricias (1:22) 08. Oyd, oyd una cosa [Francisco Guerrero] (2:04) 09. Vamos al portal [Francisco Guerrero] (3:24) 10. Zagales, sin seso vengo [Francisco Guerrero] (2:11) 11. Virgen sancta [Francisco Guerrero] (3:41) 12. A un nino llorando [Francisco Guerrero] (2:38) 13. Canite tuba [Francisco Guerrero] (2:25) 14. Rorate caeli [Francisco Guerrero] (2:21) 15. Veni Domine [Cristobal de Morales] (2:21) 16. Ave Maria [T L de Victoria] (1:57) 17. No timeas Maria [T L de Victoria] (4:09) 18. Pastores loquebantur [Francisco Guerrero] (3:21) 19. Tria sunt munera [Juan Esquivel] (1:41) 20. O magnum mysterium [T L de Victoria] (3:46) 21. Missa - O magnum mysterium - Kyrie [T L de Victoria] (1:53) 22. Missa - O magnum mysterium - Gloria [T L de Victoria] (3:41) 23. Missa - O magnum mysterium - Credo [T L de Victoria] (5:20) 24. Missa - O magnum mysterium - Sanctus/Benedictus [T L de Victoria] (4:13) 25. Missa - O magnum mysterium - Agnus Dei [T L de Victoria] (2:07)
  • Ensemble Corund
  • Stephen Smith - conductor
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Nr kat.: DOR93249
Label  : DORIAN (USA)

Spanish Christmas Music and Villancicos from the Renaissance

The end of the 15th century in Spain saw a consolidation of power and a resulting political stability. The marriage of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castille brought about a union of these two kingdoms in 1479. Granada, the last Muslim stronghold, was conquered in 1492, the same year in which Columbus set out on a voyage of discovery which took him to what would later be known as the Americas. Thus the Spanish Renaissance, the Siglo de Oro ("Golden Age"), and the period from which the pieces on this recording are taken, began with Spain at the height of political and military strength. - Felix Cox All tracks have been digitally mastered using HDCD technology.


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