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Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Julie London, Phoebe Snow, Shelby Lynne, Patsy Cline

THE Wonderful Sounds OF Female Vocals

THE Wonderful Sounds OF Female Vocals (Disc 1) 01. Julie London - Cry Me A River (3:03) 02. Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee (3:29) 03. Phoebe Snow - Poetry Man (4:39) 04. Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man (2:29) 05. Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin' (5:22) 06. Rickie Lee Jones - Show Biz Kids (4:37) 07. Patsy Cline - Crazy (2:44) 08. Holly Cole - Tennessee Waltz (3:41) 09. Janis Ian - Breaking Silence (3:11) 10. Myra Taylor - Hey There (4:01) 11. Patricia Barber - What A Shame (5:24) 12. Nina Simone - Plain Gold Ring (4:00) THE Wonderful Sounds OF Female Vocals (Disc 2) 01. Rickie Lee Jones - The Moon Is Made Of Gold (3:42) 02. Julie London - Blue Moon (2:33) 03. Nancy Bryan - Blame It On The Moon (4:53) 04. Joan Baez - Diamond And Rust (3:46) 05. Joan Armatrading - Somebody Who Loves You (3:35) 06. Judy Collins - Send In The Clowns (4:04) 07. Jennifer Warnes - Ballad Of The Runaway Horse (6:51) 08. Diana Krall - A Case Of You (6:43) 09. Dusty Springfield - The Look Of Love (4:10) 10. Joan Baez - Brothers In Arms (5:06)
  • Ella Fitzgerald - vocal
  • Nina Simone - vocal
  • Julie London - vocal
  • Phoebe Snow - vocals, guitar
  • Shelby Lynne - vocal
  • Patsy Cline - vocal

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

All-Time Classic Performances And Recordings By All-Time Great Female Singers Female vocalists have forever been celebrated by audiophiles and music lovers alike. Whether the delivery is delicate or bombastic, a great female vocal well-recorded is just so sensuous. It's the genre that most often typifies the potential of hi-fi and what it can do to engage our emotions. It's no wonder the hallways of any hi-fi show will be resonating with the sounds of sparsely-arranged recordings of great women singers. It's the genre that best shows off the systems that manufacturers and dealers are trying to sell. Now, you can have all of those best demo tracks on one record. Show stoppers by Julie London, Diana Krall, Rickie Lee Jones, Nina Simone, Janis Ian, Phoebe Snow, Jennifer Warnes, Dusty Springfield, Shelby Lynne and many more. Every single track is an audiophile demo classic. Michael Fremer, of AnalogPlanet.com and Stereophile Magazine, walks you through each track and its historic place with very through and entertaining liners. Ever have that moment where you want to really light up your system ? either for a late-night session by yourself or for when you've got company ? and you don't want to keep changing records to keep the hit parade going? This album ends that issue. You've only got to make one selection.


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