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Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra, Mantovani Orchestra, Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra, Stanley Black and His Orchestra, The Percy Faith Orchestra

The Golden Age of Light Music The 1950s

The Golden Age of Light Music The 1950s image
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George Gershwin - The Golden Age of Light Music: The 1950s 01. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away), song (from Show Girl, musical) (2:28) 02. Caravan (2:35) 03. Marching Strings (2:22) 04. Fandango for piano (or voice & piano) (2:48) 05. Heart-O-London (2:43) 06. Hey Presto! (composed with George French, under the pseudonym "Brett Wilson") (2:46) 07. Me and My Girl (excerpt) (3:02) 08. Proud Canvas (2:08) 09. Festival, incidental music for piano & orchestra (2:55) 10. Blue Moon, song (from "Babes in Arms") (2:55) 11. Dancing Bells (2:47) 12. Granada, for voice & orchestra (with chorus ad lib) (2:42) 13. Petite Waltz (3:04) 14. Shortcake Walk (2:17) 15. Flirtation Waltz (3:03) 16. Angel Cake (2:46) 17. Waltz of the Bubbles (2:15) 18. Sportsmaster, television series theme (2:51) 19. Paris Interlude (3:05) 20. At Last, At Last (2:50) 21. Roller Coaster (2:54) 22. The Moon Was Yellow (2:37) 23. Piccadilly Spree (2:35) 24. Champagne March (2:48) 25. Jungle Fantasy (3:13) 26. Parade of the Film Hits: Medley (9:22)
  • Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra - orchestra
  • Mantovani Orchestra - orchestra
  • Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra - orchestra
  • Stanley Black and His Orchestra - orchestra
  • The Percy Faith Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: GLCD5103
Label  : GUILD Historical

With the new decade came a revolution in the way in which music would be heard in the home, thanks to the arrival of high fidelity sound and the long-playing record. Both were ideally suited to the requirements of light orchestras, and before long their albums were selling in millions. But for a while 78 and 45rpm singles still dominated the market, and Light Music featured regularly in the lists of latest releases from the record companies. New names such as Ray Martin and Ron Goodwin emerged to challenge the past masters, but there was plenty of room for everyone and the record-buying public were the main beneficiaries. This third CD in Guild's new Light Music series provides a ‘snapshot’ of a world that was determined to start enjoying itself once again, and the bright and breezy sounds produced by so many orchestras world-wide undoubtedly contributed towards those happy feelings.