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Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra

Mambo Jambo

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Rome, Harold 1. South America, Take It Away! - Son 00:02:34 Bibiloni 2. Mama, Yo Busco Un Querer - Son 00:02:53 Warren, Harry 3. I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi - Son 00:02:53 Ros, Edmundo 4.Conga Boom - Conga 00:02:43 Silva 5.Soltero Es Mejor - Samba 00:03:08 Abreu, Zequinha de 6.Tico - Tico - Samba 00:02:13 Kramer, Alex / Whitney, Joan / David, Mack 7.Come With Me, My Honey - Calypso 00:03:12 Myers, Robin / Connelly, Walte 8.In Chi - Chi Castenango - Son 00:02:55 Manuel, Esperon / Gilbert, Ray 9.The Three Caballeros - Marcha 00:03:04 Pardave, Joaquin Negra Consentida - Rumba 10.Negra Consentida - Rumba 00:02:30 Farres, Osvaldo 11.Come Closer To Me - Bolero 00:03:05 Tobias, Charles / Simon, Nat 12.Her Bathing Suit Never Got Wet - Calypso 00:02:51 Montgomery, Garth / Mackenzie, Len / Wirges, William 13.Chiquita Banana - Calypso 00:03:02 Lecuona, Ernesto 14.Maracas - Rumba 00:02:38 Schwartz, Arthur / Robin, Leo 15.A Rainy Night In Rio - Samba 00:02:54 Fields, Irving 16.Managua, Nicaragua - Son 00:02:52 Schwartz, Arthur / Robin, Leo 17.Money, Money, Money - Calypso 00:02:46 Almeida, Laurindo / Connelly, Walte 18.The Whistle Samba 00:03:04 Perez Prado, Damaso / Towne, Charlie / Karl, Raymond 19.Mambo Jambo 00:02:35 Jenkins, Gordon 20.Tzena, Tzena, Tzena - Marcha 00:02:42 Total Playing Time: 00:56:34
  • Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: 8.120551
Label  : NAXOS

Original Recording 1941-1950

>>> Większa okładka A <<< >>> Większa okładka B <<< There are two excellent Edmundo Ros collections named for Perez Prado's "Mambo Jambo", which was originally called "Que rico el mambo" (Sonny Burke changed the title on his recording of the tune in 1950). Harlequin's "Mambo Jambo", which appeared in early 2001, is a 51 track 2 CD set composed entirely of records dating from 1949 and '50. It should not be confused with the single-disc Naxos "Mambo Jambo" which holds 20 tracks and casts a wider net by touching upon most of Ros' first decade of recording activity (1941-1950). Whoever oversaw the tune selection on the Naxos disc made some good choices, for this is an enjoyable sampling that conveys much of what is best about the musicality and topical variety of his early output. Ros was very adept at putting across songs which described social customs and curious patterns of behavior. "Money, Money, Money" was also recorded by U.S. jazzman and surrealist hipster Slim Gaillard, who made the most of its ironic lyrics. Harry Warren and Mack Gordon's "I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi" was popularized by Carmen Miranda and Ros on both sides of the Atlantic, and even showed up in modified form on radio broadcasts by Charlie and his Orchestra, a big band harnessed to Nazi Germany's Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment. The Naxos "Mambo Jambo" collection is recommended as a sensibly proportioned introduction to Edmundo Ros, Britain's highly successful master of the Samba, the Calypso, the Conga, the Marcha, the Rumba and the Son.