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DVORAK, Leonard Bernstein, Israel Philharmonic.

Symphony No. 9 in E minor From the New World

Leonard Bernstein - Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 Symphony No. 9 in E minor (-From the New World-), B. 178 (Op. 95) (first published as No. 5) 01. - Adagio...Allegro molto (12:37) 02. - Largo (18:29) 03. - Molto vivace...Poco sostenuto (7:06) 04. - Allegro con fuoco (12:24) 05. Slavonic Dance No. 1 for orchestra in C major, B. 83-1 (Op. 46-1) (4:23) 06. Slavonic Dance No. 3 for orchestra in A flat major, B. 83-3 (Op. 46-3) (5:55) 07. Slavonic Dance No. 8 for orchestra in G minor B. 83-8 (Op. 46-8) (4:34)
  • Leonard Bernstein - conductor
  • Israel Philharmonic. - orchestra
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Nr kat.: UCCG50012
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

Sam Yahel steps boldly on to the scene with "Hometown." With the release of his first date playing piano, listeners are invited to sit back and enjoy the ride as Yahel bravely embarks on a career changing course. This trio date features the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Matt Penman and the explosive metrics of drummer Jochen Rückert. Many jazz fans may already be familiar with Sam Yahel and his earlier work on the organ, playing with stars, such as Joshua Redman, Jim Rotondi, or Norah Jones, but now it's full speed ahead as the piano trio navigates steadily away from the known and familiar to move swiftly out beyond the landmarks of the past into the uncharted depths of modern collective improvisation. "Hometown" is the sincere exploration of an artist seeking to redefine his craft by utilizing a new instrument to uncover his new voice while ultimately remaining true to himself and relevant to that which is swingingly straight ahead, and as such is sure to bring a smile to serious listeners everywhere. Sam Yahel - Piano Matt Penman - Bass Jochen Rückert - Drums


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