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Dutch Swing College Band and Peter Schilperoort

Swing College

Side A Original Dixieland One Step Nick LaRocca Memphis Blues W.C. Handy Soprano Mood Peter Schilperoort Apex Blues Jimmie Noone Big Butter and Egg Man Percy Venable Strange Peach Peter Schilperoort Side B Clarinet Marmalade Larry Shields, Henry Ragas Doghouse Blues Peter Schilperoort Duff Campbell’s Revenge Turk Murphy Basin Street Blues Spencer Williams Fidgety Feet Nick LaRocca
  • Dutch Swing College Band and Peter Schilperoort
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: STS6111173LP
Label  : STS Digital

pure analogue recording.

In your hands you hold a piece of history, our history, the history of jazz. Whilst the Dutch Swing College Band has been on the block for quite some years, 72 to be precise, the history of jazz goes back more than 100 years. Exactly a century ago the musicians of the Original Dixieland Jass Band were the first to record a jazz track, thereby adding their part to jazz history. In honour of these men, and with great love of our musical genre, we recorded this long playing record. It’s actually the first one in thirty years, as opposed to modern digital releases of our albums. ‘100 years of Jazz’ returns to an era when this wonderful music was born, featuring a comprehensive collection of traditional jazz standards. All tracks are analogue recordings completed in one single session. The tunes ‘Soprano Mood’, ‘Strange Peach’ and ‘Doghouse Blues’ were written by Peter Schilperoort, the founding father of the Dutch Swing College Band, and first released in 1948. The opening track ‘Original Dixieland One Step’ was on the first 78rpm jazz record ever released, back in 1917. We hope you enjoy listening to this record as much as we had in recording it. But even more than that we are thrilled by the idea that together, musician and listener, we are adding our part to the future of jazz! This is a pure analogue recording. Dutch Swing College Band Keesjan Hoogeboom – trumpet Bob Kaper – clarinet, alto saxophone David Lukács – clarinet, soprano-, tenor-, baritone saxophone Maurits Woudenberg – trombone Frenk van Meeteren – guitar, banjo Adrie Braat – double bass Anton Burger – drums recorded by STS at De Glind, The Netherlands, 16/05/2017 recording: Fritz de With, recording supervisor: Ruud van Lieshout mastering: Peter Brussee, Bas Meijer, Keesjan Hoogeboom at Q Point, Hilversum, The Netherlands produced by Fritz de With & Adrie Braat Dutch Swing College Band - w naszej ofercie


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