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Dennis Doyle, Thomas Loefke, Kim Robertson, Sileas, Sylwia Woods, Derek Bell

Faces Of The Harp

Various Artists - Faces of the Harp: Celtic & Contemporary 01. Dennis Doyle - Austin's Planxty (2:08) 02. Thomas Loefke - The Tipsy Elk (3:08) 03. Kim Robertson - Dance of the Lambs (2:27) 04. Laurie Riley - Saguaro (5:37) 05. Sìleas - Castlebay Scrap-Stuarts Rant (4:04) 06. Sylvia Woods - Dialogue With a Brook (2:06) 07. Sylvia Woods - Bennachie Sunrise-Willie's Trip to Toronto (4:34) 08. Katie LaRaye Waldren - Waterdance-Gay-Feather (3:37) 09. Derek Bell - Memories of That Isle (2:40) 10. Ani Williams - Eclipse (4:34) 11. Julia Haines - Blessing Way (3:50) 12. Northern Lights - The Mushrooms of Fagernes (4:48) 13. Alison Kinnaird - Bas Alastruim (The Death of Alasdair) -McAllistruim's March (3:05) 14. Judith Pintar - The Wedding of Psyche and Eros (2:24) 15. Riley Lee - Spring (7:05)
  • Dennis Doyle, Thomas Loefke, Kim Robertson, Sileas, Sylwia Woods, Derek Bell - harp
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Nr kat.: ND63934
Label  : Narada

20BIT Mastering

This collection runs from the engaging to the sublime, but occasionally becomes cloying or claustrophobic. It's harp music of various musical styles and for various kinds of harps, from large concert grand harps to the clarsach, a Gaelic harp strung with brass wires. Some tracks, such as Kim Robertson's "Dance of the Lambs," hint at jazz, while the music of Sileas owes more to folk. Sometimes it can get a little tiresome on the ears, as on "Waterdance/Gay-feather" by Katie LaRaye Waldren and Candace Kreitlow, when it seems as if they are hitting the same sonic frequencies over and over and over again. Perhaps the most beautiful cut on the disc is Ani Williams' "Eclipse." (AMG)


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