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The Thomas Crown Affair

1. Windmills of Your Mind - Sting 2. Sinner Man - George Fordant 3. Everything (...Is Never Quite Enough) 4. Caban la Ka Kratchie 5. Black & White X 5 6. Never Change 7. Meet Ms. Banning 8. Goodnight/Breaking & Entering 9. Glider Pt. 1 10. Glider Pt. 2 11. Cocktails - Nina Simone 12. Quick Exit - Wasis Diop
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AllMusic Review by Matthew Greenwald While the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair couldn't really hold a candle to the magnificent 1967 original, the soundtrack is a little better. Bill Conti's score -- while not as pungent as Michel Legrand's original -- is still effective and probing. One of the highlights of this version is Sting's version of the classic "Windmills of Your Mind," which brings a slight (and welcome) reggae element to this song. Nina Simone's "Sinner Man" is almost as good, highlighting her fabulous blues/jazz vocals.


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