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DEBUSSY, BACH, The London Harp Sound, Geoffrey Simon

The London Harp Sound

1 Debussy: Prèlude à l'après-midi d'un faune 08:59 2 Gugliemi/Monnot/Dumont: Les Chansons du Piaf: i. La vie en rose 03:14 3 Gugliemi/Monnot/Dumont: Les Chansons du Piaf: ii. L'Hymne á l'amour 02:44 4 Gugliemi/Monnot/Dumont: Les Chansons du Piaf: iii. Non, je ne regrette rien 02:28 5 Trad: Muo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) 03:39 6 Bach: Prelude in F Minor 04:34 7 Kahn/Donaldson: My Baby Just Cares for Me 03:33 8 Legrand: The Windmills of Your Mind 04:30 9 Brahms: Lullaby 02:18 10 Berlioz: Un bal (from Symphonie Fantastique) 06:11 11 Lecuona: Andalucía 03:36 12 Simcock: Lady of the Lake 07:06 13 Lloyd Webber: The Music of the Night 04:48 14 Andrès: La Ragazza 02:28 15 Andrès: La Ragazza 01:43 16 Andrès: La Ragazza 03:16 17 Andrès: La Ragazza 02:06
  • Geoffrey Simon - conductor
  • The London Harp Sound - orchestra
  • BACH
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Nr kat.: CACD119
Label  : GALA Records

"A wonderful sound, and 16 concert harps is heaven in my view! Its crossover appeal of selections should be pleasing to a broad variety of listeners. The wide range of dynamics and color of the harps is exploited well in the arrangements by Paul Sarcich and others. Debussy's complete Afternoon of a Faun sounds just beautiful with the 16 harps—it's as though he should have written it for that combination to begin with." John Sunier, Audiophile Audition The latest addition to The London Sound Series brings together 16 top European harpists and Cala Records' stable of arrangers to produce this unique album. From classics to latin, popular and jazz, the repertoire provides a showcase for the incredible sonority of the massed harps, and a display vehicle for the talents of the players, composers and arrangers.


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