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David Arkenstone


David Arkenstone - Chronicles 01. The North Wind (6:40) 02. Ballet (4:10) 03. Ancient Legend (3:56) 04. Borderlands (5:36) 05. The Rug Merchant (3:33) 06. Passage (4:46) 07. Stepping Stars (3:45) 08. Firedance (3:57) 09. Desert Ride (4:10) 10. Voices of the Anasazi (4:41) 11. Papillon (On the Wings of the Butterfly) (5:17) 12. Hindu Holiday (4:04) 13. From the Forge to the Field (3:36) 14. Valley in the Clouds (3:33) 15. Out of the Forest and into the Trees (4:36) 16. The Southern Cross (5:19) 17. Glory (2:21)
  • David Arkenstone - guitar
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Nr kat.: 083616400723
Label  : Narada

Chronicles collects highlights from David Arkenstone's first five Narada releases. Part of the label's Artist Series, the set illustrates the contributions Arkenstone has made to the new age genre, moving from the surging strings and synths of "North Wind" through the ethnic touches of "Valley in the Clouds" and "Voices of the Anasazi." Unlike some contemporary instrumentalists, Arkenstone has never been afraid to incorporate pop and rock elements into his breathy, textured sound. "Hindu Holiday" matches its twittering keyboards to the screams of an electric guitar, while "Borderlands" suggests the grandiosity and prog elements of arena bands like Asia. Chronicles is a great access point for those curious about the artist; at the same time, it will serve longtime fans well as a keepsake of Arkenstone's first few albums. (AMG)


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