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Daniel Epstein, Takako Nishizaki, Philadelphia Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy

The Most Famous Chinese Concertos - The Butterfly Lovers (Violin Concerto) / The Yellow River (Piano Cencerto)

The Most Famous Chinese Concertos - The Butterfly Lovers (Violin Concerto) / The Yellow River (Piano Cencerto) image
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The Butterfly Lovers - edition by Takako Nishizaki with the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra. The Yellow River Piano Cencerto is by Eugene Ormandy with the Philadelphia Orchestra, UPM24K 01. The Yellow River - Prelude The Song of the Yellow River Boatman (3:34) 02. The Yellow River - Ode to the Yellow River (4:25) 03. The Yellow River - The Yellow River in Wrath (6:22) 04. The Yellow River - Defend the Yellow River (6:12) 05. The Butterfly Lovers (28:38)
  • Daniel Epstein - piano
  • Takako Nishizaki - violin
  • Philadelphia Orchestra - orchestra
  • Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestra
  • Eugene Ormandy - conductor

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The Yellow River Piano Concerto (simplified Chinese: 黄河协奏曲; traditional Chinese: 黃河協奏曲; pinyin: Huáng Hé xiézòuqǔ) is a piano concerto arranged by a collaboration between Chinese composers, including Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, and based on the Yellow River Cantata by composer Xian Xinghai. It is originally directed by Jiang Qing, wife of Chairman Mao, and since its highly acclaimed premiere in 1969 during the Cultural Revolution, the Concerto has become popular in China and around the globe. It is noted for its revolutionary theme that integrates a classic post-romantic music structure with passion, beauty and power, along with highly skilled solo phases. This piano concerto manifests the very fighting spirit of Chinese people and the determination of a new-born nation towards liberation and prosperity. It's a hymn to a new China and her people in the context of a long, vividly struggling history of the Yellow River. wikipedia


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